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f-3 question


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  • f-3 question

    when it asks "have you ever been denied employmen by a criminal justice agency" are they talking about

    a) denied certification by NC
    b) turned down by a department.

    if b, do you list even when a department sends you a generic "we are going with a more qualified applicant" letter, or are they talking about if you get turned down after you are in the process?

    I spoke to a lawyer friend who said he thinks its regarding situation a

    thanks in advance
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    If you applied and didn't get the job, you were denied employment.


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      Originally posted by bandscar
      If you applied and didn't get the job, you were denied employment.
      That is what I think too, and I always list every agency I applied to and was not hired by. However, I was told at my last background interview that I should only list agencies that denied me employment for some specific reason other than "We decided to hire someone else".

      Given the attitude at Training and Standards, I'd list everywhere I applied anyway, that can't get you in trouble. However, it may not be strictly necessary.

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        Unless they give you a flat out letter saying we will never hire you then you dont have to put yes because denied tends to mean you'll never work for that agency. An agency might of had 2 slots and 20 applicants. Now if it asks for applied list them.


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          I know this forum has been dead for a while but I have question regarding this. I am already a sworn officer and I applied at another agency in NC; I was given a conditional offer but had to take a CVSA in which I was told i had "intent to deceive" one question i pointed out to be completely false and their machine was wrong. The other question I pointed out a flaw (im not saying it so that its not out there) since I had told them about a more recent time but not one almost 8 years ago. I was called off the record to be told that they where still considering hiring me but the chief "wanted to pursue other avenues". I have not been contacted since (over 6 or 7 months ago) on the f3 it states have I even been denied after conditional offer. I never received a letter either, IF i list this as being denied employment does this mean I will be summoned to the board in Raleigh to defend my certification?


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            Better to list it and not need to than not list it and let it go to Training and Standards and have them find a discrepancy. Then you really will end up in front of a board (or worse). T&S is not your friend.


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              Not getting hired is not the same as being denied.


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