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2 CMPD officers killed; shooters at large


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  • 2 CMPD officers killed; shooters at large

    I was in shock this morning when I woke up and read that on the internet this make me sad that two leo are dead at the hands of another criminal or criminals if anyone inside of the department can get me the funeral information when it is released that would be great, pm me when you get a chance if you dont post it on the site.

    Two Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty late Saturday when they responded to a call at an east Charlotte apartment complex.

    The two shooters remain at large this morning, with police searching the area extensively with helicopters and patrols. Police did not have a detailed description about the two men but asked anyone with information to call 911.

    Officer Sean Clark and Officer Jeffrey Shelton both died at Carolinas Medical Center early today. They were the first Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers fatally shot in the line of duty in more than a decade.

    The two North Tryon division officers were called out to handle a reported disturbance at 10:26 p.m. at the Timer Ridge Apartments near Milton Road, police said.

    They were shot around 11:15 p.m., police said, while struggling with a person in the apartment complex parking lot. Neither fired their weapon, police said.

    Medic ambulances were called at 11:21 p.m. and they rushed the officers to the Carolinas Medical Center's main facility.

    Clark, 34, who had worked for the department for just over a year, died shortly after midnight. He was a 1991 graduate of West Mecklenburg High School. He had transferred from the South division in January as part of the department's redistricting in January.

    Officer Shelton, 35, who had been with the force for more six years, was pronounced dead just after 4 a.m.

    Both officers were married and Clark was expected a child.

    "It's heartbreaking," Officer Bob Fey, a CMPD public information officer told WCNC. "Just hearing a call like that going out over the air ... just hearing the dispatcher say those words over the air, `We have two officers shot in the North Tryon Division,' it just makes your heart skip a beat."

    The fatal shooting came almost exactly a year after Officer Kayvan Hazrati was shot in the head while trying to serve a rape warrant against a man in northern Charlotte. He survived the shooting but has not yet returned to work. Another officer was also shot at during a standoff with the same suspect but his helmet deflected the bullet.

    The last time an officer from the department was fatally shot in the line of duty was in 1993, when the city was a smaller place but had a record year of violence with 129 homicides.

    Officers John Burnette, 25, and Andy Nobles, 26, were shot to death after responding to a call about a stolen van. Alden Harden was convicted of shooting Burnette and Nobles as the officers chased him through woods near Boulevard Homes in southwest Charlotte. He was sentenced to death.

    Streets near the crime scene were renamed for the two popular community officers, and there also is a memorial bearing their names in Sharon Memorial Park in east Charlotte.

    Police asked Sunday that people keep Clark and Shelton and their families in their prayers.

    After Saturday's shooting, Milton Road was blocked off for several hours overnight while police conducted their search for the suspects, but it has since been reopened. A SWAT team, K-9 units and a police helicopter have been called in to assist police in their efforts.

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    That is just plain terrible, I hope they find the person/s responsible

    RIP Officers
    “Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”
    ― Henry Ford


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      I hope they catch them and I hope they get the needle.
      Thus the wise win before the fight, while the ignorant fight to win


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        One suspect has been taken in for questioning and has been with police for several hours.


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          saw it on the news when i got home from work this moring hope yall get um keep us updated
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            Here's a bit of an update.

            The Link

            Since late Saturday night, police have been trying to piece together the tragic chain of events that led to the line of duty deaths of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers Jeffrey Shelton and Sean Clark. Throughout the day, detectives have been interviewing scores of witnesses, teams of officers have been out collecting evidence while those close to the slain officers provide essential support to the officers' family members and each other.

            CMPD Homicide Detectives have interviewed and subsequently signed Murder warrants against Demetrius Antonio Montgomery (12-20-1981). He has been charged with two counts of First Degree Murder. Montgomery has a lengthy arrest history in Mecklenburg County, dating back to January of 1998.


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              I hope they get the needle quick... Cowards...


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                This is just sad that someone would go out of their way to do this. They should off him publicly and let everybody know this is what will happen when you take a life out of spite (expecially a LEO).

                My prayers go out to both officers families and their co-workers.
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                  My heart goes out to both officers. May justice be served to the coward (s) that pulled trigger.

                  God speed and Rest in peace brothers.


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                    Here's information regarding services for these fine officers.

                    Officer Sean Clark

                    April 4, 2007
                    Visitation at Calvary Church, 1700-1930 hours
                    5801 Pineville Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226

                    April 5, 2007
                    Funeral at Calvary Church, 1100 hours
                    5801 Pineville Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226

                    Burial will follow at Forest Lawn West
                    4601 Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC 28208

                    Officer Jeff Shelton

                    April 5, 2007
                    Visitation at Calvary Church, 1700-1930 hours
                    5801 Pineville Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226

                    April 6, 2007
                    Funeral at Calvary Church, 1100 hours
                    5801 Pineville Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226

                    Burial immediately following at a location to be announced


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                      Does any know if this had to do with the big gang crackdown that CMPD just did? I heard they arrested like 15 one week ago?


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                        We've been following the story from up here in Columbus. I'm so sorry for what has happened. Have they determined if there was a second suspect or not? We were very curious about the details of the incident.


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                          There is no second suspect, and no relationship to the gang crackdown in Hidden Valley.


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                            This is deeply saddening. May justice be served to the departed officers and their families.
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                              I was just looking at the news and it showed that as of right now the state of north carolina has lost more cops in the line of duty than any other, we are currently sitting at 6 last year there was none. Something has to be done killing a public servent has to be the worst crime. Canada has a law where you shoot at a cop even if you dont hit him gets you life but they dont have the death sentance so the only down fall to that would be you would get the same thing if you kill him also.

                              But somethig must be done about this.


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