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    Has anyone finished fto program lately? I was wondering how it was. I heard it was hard but I wasn't sure.. If you have any insight please let me know!!!

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    I was an FTO up until the end of November. I can say it depends on the agency. Some don't put much into their programs and others do. It isn't rocket science no matter where you go. Just pay attention and open your mind.


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      I just got done in my first week and heading into my second is it normal to start out with 2 and 3 on the daily reports with no experience at all?


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        If your talking about the 1-9 scale then yes it is normal. Some things your just not going to be able to do well because you have never seen or done them before. You should see the numbers gradually go up as the weeks pass.


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          ok thanks alot for the advice I might have more question at a later date.


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            If you work for the ncshp you need to try to avoid the # 2. three's are not so bad but 1and 2 are not good. It will get better as you get more used to the job. When i went thru we had a 5 point system. About the only thing you can ace every day is your appearence , the test , and vehicle . No reaseon not to get good marks there.good luck


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              I went solo in October.

              Our field training was laid back but it taught me what I needed to know to get out on my own. The rest is learned on your own (majority) and instinct.

              For reference, I personally only received one "2" early on in my DORs through FTO. Most days were 4s and 5s with a "few" 6s' and 7s thrown in. Many FT- officers wont give you above a 4 no matter what happens. We are new at that stage and really should not know everything or even close so thats taken into account.

              Best of luck!
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