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    Hello to all, I just started BLET this month.. January 7th,2015.

    Im using this thread for people to help each other with questions and concerns and also to help prepare the upcoming people that are going or thinking about enrolling in BLET....

    Day one: The first day wasn't bad at all. Started out with 22 people.. Met the instructors and got a run down on what its all about. The training and standards, all the proper paperwork that's needed.. Tips for new cadets.. BE PREPARED and DO YOUR RESEARCH before you step foot in your BLET building.. We had MULTIPLE cadets come in with long hair, (excuse my word choice) ****ty choice of clothes, non shaved, no pencil, no books, ect... Those are the ones who paid for it the first day of PT..

    Day Two: Day two is going to be your assessment on your PT (physical training).. During this assessment, you will complete your max bench, your 300 meter run, your vertical jump, sit ups, push ups, and the long and dreaded.... Mile and a half run... At this point you will more then likely meet your PT instructor(S).. We have state troopers as our PT instructor and let me tell you they no joke.. They will record your times, weight, Blood pressure, pulse, and height. This day is also simple... Not TOO much yelling, but there was some.. We have people in our class that did ZERO push ups and ZERO sit ups and could BARELY lift the bar for bench press... Let me recommend that you don't be that person. Because, 1: You will be the one who makes everyone do more PT. And 2: You will be singled out on the first or second day... not to good skipper.. This day we had two people drop the class. One I think just didn't expect the PT part at all, and the second one just didn't really want to be there at all.

    Day Three: This is a Saturday class. We learned our first aid/cpr section in our book. Wasn't bad at all. Laid back as long as no one screws something up. I suggest getting to know your class mates as if they will become family for the next 6 months of your life, get there Facebook, phone, however you communicate.. DO IT..

    I will keep posting week by week and logging all the goods and bads of the class. Unfortunately we cant take pictures due to all this crap with officers getting attacked and protection of US, (future officers). So if you have any tips, questions, or anything at all... Please ask!

    -God bless and stay safe

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