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  • Body Cams in NC

    So I was just informed that my dept was looking into body cams for officers. I imagine it's going to be a pretty common thing now within the next few years given the current political climate. I was wondering how many depts in NC currently have some sort of wearable camera as a requirement or if they even have policy about body worn cameras.

    My quick google search resulted in Winston Salem and CMPD already having or about to have these cameras (TASER, I believe).

    I feel that TASER will probably be the more popular one, but am interested in other brands out there.

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    I read that yesterday. Obviously doesn't answer your question regarding NC, but it gives some statistics and other interesting information about body cameras.


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      Thanks. Good article.

      Those things are kinda expensive. Didn't know the UK has had cams for almost a decade already. Interesting stuff.


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        I think it'll prevent a lot of crap like what's going on right now and that it would benefit the officer and the community.


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          Whether you're for or against them, they are coming.

          Our agency doesn't have them yet, or at least, they are not widespread.

          I personally don't care if I'm wearing one. I feel that the majority of the time it will be a boon rather than a curse some may fear. Also, our department is good about weeding out true complaints vs bull crap.


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            I've heard a lot of good things about Muvi bodycams as well as the Taser ones. They're a good amount cheaper but the battery doesn't last for a full 12 hours like the Taser brand. I know RPD currently mic's their officers, not sure about bodycams as of now. I openly welcome it. No more of that he-said-she-said stuff and it'll help fight a lot of the BS lawsuits against officers that were just doing their job. It'll show the full context of situations and help explain actions on both parties.


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