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LEO Pistol Purchase


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  • LEO Pistol Purchase

    In your experience, those of you that have purchased a pistol in NC on your LEO credentials, did the gun store just want to see your LEO creds? Or did they want a letter from your agency too? I inquired at one big box retailer in Raleigh the other day and they wanted to see both the credentials and a letter. I understand many LEOs just go ahead and get a CCW to purchase pistols, but I think the turnaround time is something like 90 days once you apply for it and I really don't want to wait that long. My agency (federal) is refusing to give me a signed letter for some reason. Never had any kind of discipline problems or complaints or anything of that nature, but for some reason they're encouraging me to get a CCW instead of purchasing on my creds. I'm on vacation now, but plan to ask them what all the fuss is about when I return to work. Has anyone else had this experience?

    SECTION 10. G.S. 14-404(d) reads as rewritten:

    "(d) Nothing in this Article shall apply to officers authorized by law to carry firearms if the officers identify themselves to the vendor or donor as being officers authorized by law to carry firearms and state that the purpose for the purchase of the firearms is directly related to the law officers' official duties.provide any of the following:

    (1) A letter signed by the officer's supervisor or superior officer stating that the officer is authorized by law to carry a firearm.

    (2) A current photographic identification card issued by the officer's employer.

    (3) A current photographic identification card issued by a State agency that identifies the individual as a law enforcement officer certified by the State of North Carolina.

    (4) A current identification card issued by the officer's employer and another form of current photographic identification."

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    Gander mountain is the place that required a letter when i tried purchasing a firearm with my badge and identification. Most small dealers will sell with just your badge and police id card. Bass Pro shop in concord allowed me to purchase a handgun for personal use with just my badge and police id.


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      If you must purchase that firearm from that retailer, the Sheriff in your county will most likely issue you a purchase permit that day. I have done this a few times for private transactions where the seller wanted to see a permit.

      That being said, I had an FFL explain to me that federal officers could not purchase a firearm using their credentials in North Carolina because the law says "the requirement for obtaining a permit before purchasing or receiving a handgun does not apply to law enforcement officers of North Carolina" and federal officers are just officers "in this state." Never had to actually test that theory and that was just one shops opinion.


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