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  • NC DMV License & Theft Law Enforcement Agent

    So I just went through the application, fitness testing, and polygraph for this position. It's my first time applying for any type of law enforcement job since getting out of the Air Force. I got to the polygraph, finished, and the interviewer said that I seemed like a good candidate for the position. I subsequently got the short letter saying "thanks but no thanks, feel free to apply again though". I've been curious ever since if it was the polygraph that eliminated me or not having BLET certificate, or some other extraneous reason. For someone that's never been LE polygraphed, is it standard procedure for them to not say much at all after you finish, or will they go ahead and start addressing inconsistencies right then and there? I didn't lie during the interview and came clean about anything I felt could have been an issue. If I contaced their HR dept, would they tell me why I was disqualified? Just curious, and hoping this doesn't mean I'm going to have a problem with every law enforcement position I apply for, as I would really like to work in Law Enforcement. I'd really like to get BLET too but just can't swing it.

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    From what I hear they want people with LE experience and at least a 4 year degree. A few guys from my department with a degree and several years experience applied with them and were turned away. As far as the polygraph, the guys that do them at our department will call you out right there if you are lying, I can't speak for others though.


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