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Anyone want to work at the beach?


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  • Anyone want to work at the beach?


    Kill Devil Hills (Dare County) has multiple openings due to two grants they received (traffic and COP). My understanding is that the grant positions will be filled from the inside so the new hires will be standard patrol slots.

    Historically, it was difficult to get hired by KDH and turnover was extremely low. This agency has a great reputation among law enforcement but has changed considerably in the last few years. Many high-level retirements caused them to move to a different "style" of policing; still extremely proactive and traffic-oriented, but with more community focus. The new chief is a street cop at heart, and was making arrests and stopping cars his first week here.

    I am not connected with this agency in any way, I just wanted to pass on the information. It would be a great place to work.
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    They have cool uniforms too. Met a couple of them through GHSP.


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      They used to have some of the best looking uniforms I had ever seen. Now they just wear gray and look like Highway Patrol, along with everyone else.


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        With such a small dept (website says 31).. I would imagine you really need the "inside" touch
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          There will always be local lateral transfers, but you'd be imagining wrongly based on numerous past hires with zero connection to the area, and fresh BLET graduates with no prior experience. That's why I posted this, especially with as many openings as they have.

          Already having experience and already being NC-certified (or having completed BLET) helps but things aren't always as hillbilly as those from Pennsyltucky might think.
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            How does it work in NC? Is that a state where anyone can go to an academy, or is it like VA where you have to be sponsored by an agency?

            I guess the real question would be do they except people from out of state that is not NC certified, or will the department send you to the academy?


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              You can send yourself through an academy or be sponsored by an agency. Sponsorship waives tuition but is not a guarantee of employment. Some agencies will hire and send people. Others will only look at certified candidates. Out-of-state lateral transfers are also possible for people who have been through a full academy in another state and have two years of experience.


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                Thanks for the help. I was certified with VA, but left to go to the federal level and had to let go of my VA DCJS certs. Now 4 years later I am wanting to go back to local. I never thought I would say it, but I miss working patrol. Plus, our mobility agreement gets old quick. In 4 years, I have had to move 5 times.

                How did you guys handle the storm? A good friend of mine is a dispatcher for Dare Co. and sent some pictures she took of the Avon fishing pier. It looked like it survived pretty well. Today was our first day of sun. We needed it to start cleaning up from all the flooding we suffered.


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                  By the way, I also saw that pretty much every town on the OBX is also hiring officers for those who are interested.


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                    Everyone acted like it was a complete joke but it was really a bad storm. We've had hurricanes with less damage and over-wash.

                    Are the dispatcher's initials HLB by any chance?

                    I do know that training and standards requires that the complete academy be completed by former federal law enforcement officers.


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                      You hit the nail on the head with her! That is too funny! I take it you must know her too!


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                        I called VA DCJS and told them my story. They said that I would have to go back through the entire process again. If I was an officer for my current agency, they could have worked with me, but since my normal job doesn't entail much patrol based work all the in-service I received was more specialized.

                        Next time you talk to HLB, tell her Fox and I are still waiting for our brownies! She will know exactly who I am at that time!


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                          Originally posted by UnitOneSixteen View Post
                          You hit the nail on the head with her! That is too funny! I take it you must know her too!
                          Oh yes, we all do.

                          I had just seen her Avalon pics on facebook so I figured I take a chance!
                          Your message has been delivered via facebook also.

                          Look me up if you ever make it out this way either to visit, or for employment.


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