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Does any one know of a part time blet


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  • Does any one know of a part time blet

    I currently have a great paying job that i hate to give up,
    but i want to be part of the s/d here in my county.
    I was in the infantry for 4 years been in kosovo and afganistan.
    I want to become a vol. for the department.
    I work a swing shift now with 14 days off a month and have a lot of free time to kill. I have family that is LEO. Most of the department i have rode along with would hold my ceif. if i get blet.
    I just need to try to find a school that can offer it part time.
    My boss said he would work with me but all I have found is
    6-10 M-F 8-5 sat.
    anyone here heard of 2 or more semster course
    thanks and keep up the good work

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    There are some night courses that are less intensive. Like a couple nights a week and every other weekend, or something like that.

    Check Martin County Community College. They used to offer something like that.


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      Never heard of anything other than M-Th nights and all day Saturday for the six-month, part time BLET

      then M-F all day and all day Saturday for the day time, full time class (3 months).

      I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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        Sand Hills CC has a night class that pushes 9 months. I believe it is two nights a week for ~3 hours and either every Saturday or every other Saturday. It was origanally designed for those worked LEO schedules, i.e. jailors, dispatchers, firefighters, etc. It takes forever but works for a lot of folks.


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          Depends on where you are. Night school is the only "part-time" you will get

          P.S. NIGHT SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Striving to create a world in which I am no longer needed. 1*


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            IAO: no kidding. Working 8-5 M-F while going to school 6-10/11 M-Th and on half the Saturdays anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, really takes a toll. Especially when you have a wife and/or kids.


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