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Actively Hiring - Out-of-State LEO wants to move


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  • Actively Hiring - Out-of-State LEO wants to move

    Are there any agencies that are actively hiring, that a out-of-stater can do the 96hr transition to? I know the bigger cities are hiring, but after 10years on the job, going back to the academy from sq.-1 is not on the top of my "to do " list... Any info would be appreicated.

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    This is how we handle the out-of-state lateral LEO. Our procedure follows the NC Criminal Justice Standards Division's guidelines. Our only major departure is that we administer a written exam (POST) and a modified agility test (POPAT) as the minimum level of academic and physical ability for all Officers.

    The lateral LEO is processed into the city, issued uniforms and equipment, qualifies with their issued weapon, and then sent to a District assigned to a FTO.

    The Officer would return to our Academy when the Academy class begins the 96 hour legal block, then return to Field Training. The legal block of the Academy (BLET) is early in the Academy. The Officer then would return to the Academy for the review week prior to the state exam and take the state exam. Most frequently the Officer will already have been released from the FTO program by this time. We have had no problems with this method of transitioning out of state laterals.

    You will find that most NC agencies will bring laterals in at a higher base salary. For reference the following is the NCCJD’s lateral guidelines:


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