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Any Raleigh/WCSD Officers?


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  • Any Raleigh/WCSD Officers?

    Hey everyone,

    I'll be brief with my intro, as this is my first post.

    I'm 25, currently due to be sworn in as a detention officer this coming Wednesday, and have applied, and been, what I can tell, rejected or placed on a wait list with Raleigh. No military, just a general AA.

    Obviously, I'm interested in some day joining the patrol side of the law enforcement community, rather than being in the jails all the time.

    Now for my questions:

    I've spent some time researching the website while awaint approval of my forum activation, and I have not seen many Raleigh or Wake County topics. What few there are seem to be very vague topics. So, I'm wondering if there are any of you who are currently employed with RPD or the WCSO. I've got a few questions for either side of things. If you don't feel like posting here, feel free to PM me. I'm mainly looking for information in regards to morale, scheduling, overtime, equipment, training, etc etc. The usual newbie fusillade of questions. Any help and information would be greatly appreciated. I also don't mind any questions of your own in regards to my application process/experience with Raleigh, and the one I'm currently undergoing with the WCSO for their next deputy program.

    Oh, and also, I will go and search the forums for the many topics on the SHP program, but if any current SHP officers read this, feel free to post responses in regards to the questions above in reference to the SHP. I'm all about looking at my options.
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    Would love to hear about your application process/experience I am going to be doing the same in about a year once my military contract runs out.


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      Hm...most of the officers have been pretty good. I feel like you always get some of that aloofness with officers unless/until they know you or know you also work in a field similar to your own. My overall application experience can best be described as difficult.

      Basically, from what I can tell, unless you're a shoe-in, you're ignored. I had to do all my calling and checking up for the most part. I also had to call myself to finally find out that I was given the no-thanks. I never received a letter.

      My second time applying was much the same thing. I finally had to go back in person to find out that my application was once again given the no-thanks.

      The Detective helping me out the first time was kind, sincere, but busy and so he never seemed to be able to spend the time I felt was needed to explain things. The officer helping me out this last time I only had the chance of meeting twice, but she also was helpful and sincere. In contrast, the deputy doing my BI for the Sheriff was very verbose and took a good amount of time every time we met to answer any and all questions I had. But they aren't as busy as the deputy is overstaffed and our detention is understaffed but not nearly as badly as RPD is atm.

      I will try and give you some info based upon news and my talking with recruitment/line officers:

      -Recent pay increase for starting wage has left a bad taste with newer officers who aren't fresh recruits.

      -Short staff = more stress for those who are already work a long and stressful job.

      -From what I've been told, there is no OT, just comp time.

      -Promotions are on freeze until they aren't so short handed.

      -12 hour shifts on a schedule of 2 on, 2 off, 3 on (weekend), 2 off, 2 on, 3 off (weekend) rince, repeat.

      -Every pay period/month (not sure which, but probably pay period being a 4 week period) you switch your shift. Basically 6AM-6PM 7A-7P or vice versa.

      That's what I know to the BEST of my knowledge. Very few officers here seem to be RPD. I've talked with one via PMs. He's nice enough and may have more info for you. Look around in some of the NC threads and you will find his name. Other than that, it doesn't seem like many of them have time or care to look on forums like these.

      Good luck.
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        I don't have any info for the Sheriff's Dept, but I know the info for RPD.

        They are paid every two weeks. Currently running 12 hour shifts like mentioned above. The training is through their own Raleigh Police Academy and is para military oriented (which I prefer than "adult learning" BLET), and from what I've heard carries more weight when put against each other. Moral is different for whom you ask so in my opinion its what you make of it for yourself. Next academy starts in near late Feb 09'. They are looking to fill about 50 slots for that Feb class.

        Your best bet for answers is to contact one of the recruiters. The application process used to take about 4 months, but they have recently streamlined it to expedite their officer shortage to 6-12 weeks. They also are looking for lateral entry officers that will attend an abbreviated academy.

        Here is the the RPD recruitment website:

        Take care and good luck on your new Detention officer job!

        Edit: Just noticed the original date of this thread. Ah well maybe the info will be useful to another person searching.

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          Originally posted by jb5722
          February class is full, there is a lateral class in march, the next full BLET class will be in either may or june.
          Man...you guys are constantly changing your dates. When I was applying in Nov, I was told that I couldn't make it (assuming I passed everything) for the Feb class, but for the Aug. one. Now I've met a few guys who said they just started applying and are gonna make it to the Feb class, and now you're telling me the Aug class is moved to a May/June? .

          That's almost as crazy as what's going on here at the sheriff's office .


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            Does anyone know if the Wake County Sheriff's Detention Division officers carry off duty?


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              If there are any WCSD Deputies or RPD Officers on here that would be willing to exchange information with me via PM, I'd appreciate it. My wife and I are looking into moving back to NC at the end of the year and I am interested in returning to law enforcement. I have a large number of qualifications (Military Police Instructor, Bachelors Degree, Special Ops, SEAL Team, Bomb Squad, Diver) that I hope the departments would find appealing. Im currently in Virginia Beach and unable to get down to NC very often because of my schedule so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. Thanks!
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                Originally posted by moneytra1n View Post
                Does anyone know if the Wake County Sheriff's Detention Division officers carry off duty?
                We aren't issued firearms unless you work as armed transport. I don't know if the armed transport folks are allowed to carry their duty weapons off-duty, but I don't. I have my private citizens ccw permit and my own personal firearms.


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                  Originally posted by RCKoutWurGLKout View Post
                  We aren't issued firearms unless you work as armed transport. I don't know if the armed transport folks are allowed to carry their duty weapons off-duty, but I don't. I have my private citizens ccw permit and my own personal firearms.

                  Good to know. Thanks for the info. I'm from NY and I plan to lkive in Raleigh sometime by the end of this year. I have Law enforcement experience also.

                  I PMed you.



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