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  • Special Police?

    So far as I've seen, no one has mentioned getting on with a Special Police Department like Wackenhut Special Police or Capitol Special Police. Is this not an acceptable option for those wanting to be street LEO?

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    Look carefully at salary, benefits, and working conditions. You will not be covered under state retirement. You may find yourself working with very limited backup and no means to communicate with the local PD except your cell phone. Many municipal/county agencies are hiring in NC. In my opinion, public agencies tend to offer better salary, benefits, working conditions, and probably more satisfying work. If you find a job that is competitive in the above categories, make your own choice.


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      To Work Special Police, you have to have the quilifications as a real Job. Most people that work "special police" are green and waiting on a real job to open up, retired looking for something to do or can't get a job anywhere else.
      Now there are some Great Agencies out there that are "special police" like the Capital Police and Some Private Colleges, (Duke, Gardner Web, Elon etc.) The "Special Police Dept." in my county is a joke. They could not find their ***** with a map, a mirror, a compass and both hands. They run around like mall security on Steriods. My advice would be to try to get a job a the city, county or state level first. If nothing opens up for you, then you got to do what you got to do.

      Good Luck
      Stay Safe
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        Special Police Departments are kind of a catch 22. In order to do well working for one, one needs a fair amount of experience so one can handle problems without looking to a more seasoned officer for advice since one is often working alone. However, one can generally not get that experience working special police in most cases. There are a lot of people working for "special police" departments that either can't get on elsewhere, or were on elsewhere and got let go for one reason or another. It is by no means everyone, but those "problem" officers do seem to be more highly represented than in public agencies.

        IMO, one is generally better off working for a public agency full-time. However, as a part-time job for extra money or to hold LE certification, special police agencies have advantages.

        I work part-time for one myself. I got the job when I was working for P&P so I could transfer my certification from Virginia (and I couldn't find a public agency interested in taking me on as a reserve or PT officer without an NC certification). I thought I was out of police work when I left VA, but I wanted to keep my options open. Since special police have the same certification requirements it got me where I needed to be, certified in NC and a little extra income. When I decided to go back to policing full-time I didn't have any trouble finding employment with public agency since I was NC certified, and I decided to keep the special police job for a little extra income.

        It has its advantages, but if you are looking for full-time, I'd go public agency.

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