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    Originally posted by Arewethereyet View Post
    Are you sure? I've heard yes and I've heard no...

    u got caught with ecstacy?


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      Originally posted by gbotj View Post
      yep e-pills are an auto DQ
      lol that word makes me laugh every time

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        Does anyone have an idea on what i posted earlier on this thread....

        Exam#4022 95%

        Medical 2-27
        JST 3-12
        Written Psych 3-16
        Meeting BI ?
        Oral Psych ? 3-17 2 Hours with the Dr.
        Mini - Med ?


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          take the test, and when you get assigned one, ask your background investigator, and SHOW them the actual paperwork/charge/whatever that you have. On an internet forum, we can guess at many things, but none of us here are a hiring authority of any sort.
          If it's as you say a harassment 2 I would guess you'd be OK if nothing else major pops up...but then again, refer to my first paragraph.

          btw they did recently hire a prior convicted felon. He caught a gun charge like in 2000 or so but then he was in the military for a few and got discharged honorably and was eventually hired...or so the paper said.


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            Originally posted by danielleites View Post
            I know a couple of people who have gotten the job with a dwai on there records.
            How long after the DWAI did they get hired ?


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              Originally posted by sugabx1 View Post
              How long after the DWAI did they get hired ?
              I've "heard" that you must wait 5 years.
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                Originally posted by NorwichCadet View Post
                u got caught with ecstacy?
                No I did not get caught, I just tried it once.


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                  Originally posted by Cocotaso821 View Post
                  I also have a question...I have this friend that would like to get on the force...He is 30 now but when he was around 16 years old he found a credit card and used it for whatever reason...

                  The final verdict was he pleaded to grand larceny in the fourth degree which i believe is a class e felony...and served a couple years of probation.. The records were sealed and put under youthful offender status..

                  Wouldnt this be a dq with no questions asked..He has been saying that because he was so young and it was put under a youthful offender status that he should at least give it a shot.. I dont think so..

                  what do you guys think
                  An Adjudication of Youthful Offender status is not a conviction of a crime? Fenoly or not. In the eyes of the law your friend is not a convicted criminal of a felony. It is not an automatic DQ. The BI with your friend's signed permission will open the sealed case and review the case against your friend's oral and written statements. And will take into account did he finish probation with no re-arrest? Did he ever get introuble with the law since that arrest? Did he go to school, get steady employment history or honorable military history? Was he remorseful and take responisiblity and own up to his earlier crime? If he been doing positive things with his life since then. He has a Great shot.
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