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    hey, im planning to take the nypd exam, but first i wanted to know how well they treat their officers. i have heard many negative comments about the nypd. can anyone please answer my question that would be very helpful. what other departments are there around nyc?

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    you heard right, but honestly, it's all how you make of it... just like any other job....
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      are you a officer


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        man, I think that's a really broad question with thousands of variables. I have at least a dozen good friends, people that i grew up with, that are employed by the NYPD and I hear the whole spectrum on this matter. Everything from "don't take this job it is the worst thing in the world" to "I love this job and I would never want to do anything else" and everything in between

        Basically, you could get lucky with a good boss and good cops around you or un-lucky with a bad boss and bad people around you depending on where you get sent after the academy. But that can happen in any field you go into or any police department you go for. But it also depends on who you are and how you carry yourself.
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          His signature says MTS/013.. meaning yea.. he was in a precinct and now in the 13th PCT, his profile also give it away.

          My gut says hes a cop.

          Its just like any job out there. There will be the guys that love it and there will be the guys that complain and moan about it every minute they can. Personally, I love it and cannot complain at all. (yea, im a cop also)
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            This job is like being in love with a prostitute, no matter what you do for her, shes NEVER going to love you!
            Advise given to me many years ago. Keep that in mind and youll do ok.


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