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NYS budget crisis effects on LE hiring?


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  • NYS budget crisis effects on LE hiring?

    Anyone have any thoughts on the budget crisis and its effects on state hiring? I would think that hiring for agencies like the NYSP, NYSPP and NYS Department of Corrections would be slowed, but not severely impeaded by the budget crisis because these are the most "necessary" state jobs. I would hope that cuts would be made in other "less important" areas before they cut back on law enforcement and corrections. What agencies will be most affected by this, and what do you think the effects will be?

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    Usually in a crisis like this, hiring is severely slowed and even restricted for a number of months. say an agency has 100 employees and 10 retire.....those lines are fully funded in the budget....if they are not replaced for at least 6 months, the agency gets to use the equivalent of 5 salaries for other expenses such as overtime that are not funded in the original budget. and an agency might be restricted in the percentage of open slots that can be filled.


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      I think with our new administration you'll see a hiring freeze across the board. NYSP included. As much as I really can't stand Patterson I am impressed that he's not hiding the fact we're in a severe budget crunch. At some point the government was going to have to do something.


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        This doesnt look good!

        He said there will be a slowdown of 1000 positions in state government.
        Hopefully non-essential agencies are the only ones affected. Any and ALL law enforcement should not be affected by this hiring freeze. Public safety is alot more important than saving a few thousand dollars over the course of 2 or 3 months.


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          Actually you would think the more law enforcement officers out there the more revenue the state would get from summonses and fines.
          If each officer wrote 2 tickets per day depending on the summonses 1 tag would cover the officers days pay, and the second would be found money for the state. Not to mention fines from arrests, bail money for more arrests. All LEO's are alot more essential than anyother worker in the state.


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            The state's fiscal situation will without a doubt affect hiring of cops by state agencies. Budget cuts are across the board and while cops won't lose jobs, as lines go empty for one reason or another they will be filled more slowly or not filled at all. It is what it is... law enforcement is not imune to this situation.


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              I know, its crazy though.
              Just 1 person could be killed as a result of an auto accident, crime, or whatever and it might have been prevented if another cop was hired.
              The safety of the public, and prevention of crime is alot more important than some dumb budget problem.


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                Patterson has ordered an across the board hiring freeze, even for the law enforcement agencies. On top of that he is ordering a 10 percent budget cut. This means that since salaries make up 67 percent of the budget only 23 percent will now be available for operations. Say goodby to the academies until 2010 unless the legislature plays hardball with him and tells him to stick it.Ifthat happens he will pass the cuts down to the counties and municipalities and they will then be in dire straightts. This has been coming for 20 years so I am not suprised.


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                  *see the NYS Police Forum for answer to this question, posted by "HXD"


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                    Originally posted by hxd View Post
                    Will Hiring Freeze Impact Police Protection? Detour Road Projects?
                    Reported by: Patrice Walsh

                    (New York State) - Hiring freezes are nothing unusual for businesses or government, but a hard hiring freeze is now in effect: no new workers can be hired without state approval and there will be workforce reductions across the board.

                    A hiring freeze will save the state money by eliminating jobs through attrition and layoffs. But could it also detour road projects?

                    "We haven't heard yet,” said Lori Maher of the DOT. “Once we know, we'll make that public."

                    What about public safety? Though the governor said he hesitates to cut police or emergency services, he still said that nothing is off the table. "We're looking at all the agencies.”

                    The State Police Benevolent Association released a statement, part of which is below:

                    “During past hiring freezes, N.Y. State troopers have been deemed absolutely essential positions, which Governor Paterson listed as the only exception to this possible hiring freeze. We will certainly be advocating for this continued prudent approach, as millions of New Yorkers rely on our dedicated troopers for highway safety and police protection. Our state troopers save lives, and New York State has always recognized that you cannot put a price tag on safety and security.”

                    Governor Paterson says he will listen to concerns about why jobs and services shouldn't be cut, as long as people offer alternatives.

                    The governor said he will outline a plan to reduce the state workforce sometime next week.

                    He said the actions he proposed will save the state $630 million. He’s asking lawmakers to reconvene in August to cut $600 million more.

                    Good article posted by HXD, hopefully the State Police are affected little or not at all by the hiring freeze. What about the State Park Police? Since the NYSPP and NYSP are so closely related, would the Park Police be considered "less essential?" Also, what about the Dept. of Corrections? I would think that this agency would be considered essential as well due to its importance. This makes me wonder if the NYS Corrections exam on the website right now and the upcoming NYSPP exam on November 15th will be for nothing. I'm still going to take them both, but will it be a waste of $60?


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                      My post is just one of MANY different answers to the question that's on everyone's minds. Keep in mind, I quoted an article from the news media. Patrice Walsh tries to get it mostly right most of the time. I'm sure there are others here whom will come along with "official" information as it becomes available. Fact is, it just isn't available yet.

                      Please don't take my post as gospel.
                      Last edited by hxd; 07-31-2008, 08:26 AM.


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                        Nothing is rock solid yet, it is all in the works as we speak. If it isn't a complete freeze on hiring you can bet it will be a slow down. At least until you can see some light at the end of the road. Times are tough and I believe that you will see the state cut the non-essentials first to see where they are finacially. Just my two cents.


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                          From wgrz in Buffalo

                          Governor David Paterson says the state is in a recession, and he's taking two, fairly dramatic steps to deal with what he's calling a state financial crisis.

                          First, he's ordering every state agency to cut spending by seven percent, that would include everything from police to parks.

                          Paterson is also ordering a hard hiring freeze, with the filling of any job requiring the approval of the state budget department.

                          Those two steps he says will save over $600 million.

                          "We've got to wake up New York to the possibility we're all going to feel some pain, and the sooner we recognize it, the sooner we can recover from it," said Paterson.

                          The governor is also calling for the legislature to make another $600 million in cuts when it returns for a special session to address the state's financial problems on August 19.


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                            In the official report on the gov's website it says all jobs that are mission related (ie public safety etc) are going to be exempt.


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                              "Public safety" would include park police and corrections, right?


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