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  • Loan payments

    how does the student loan reimbursement work with the NYPD? how much do they pay and is the program permanent.
    Are any of you familiar with the program?

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    We don't pay anything, apparently we get the money after we graduate the academy, let's see if its actually true. they would send the money directly to the bank.
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      According to the NYPD recruit website it says that "The NYPD class that begins in January 2008 will be eligible for up to $15,000 each over five years to reduce or eliminate their college loan burdens."


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        I answered someone's question about this in the other thread, but I feel like it's worth saying here, too...don't hold your breath for this money. The Police Foundation only says things like "We're supposed to start paying you guys at the end of your first year, but..." They won't give a firm answer one way or the other about whether this program is really happening.

        There are a lot of issues around this program. The PBA opposes it quite vigorously because they believe it's unfair since only officers with student loans are eligible. They argue that if you give anyone in the PD $15,000, you need to give everyone $15,000. They also say that it's contract tampering - basically a way to distract potential hires from the fact that the NYPD salary is unfairly low. At one point I heard the PBA was going to file suit against the Police Foundation to keep them from implementing this program, but I haven't heard much about that in a while.
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