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      Originally posted by Back to NYC View Post
      I understand that Narco's now full of rookies who could end up hurting each other/getting jammed up, but how'd it get that way? What about the job made it so undesirable to guys with time on?
      You have to look at the job from the larger picture...its a numbers game. They don't want veterans because veterans are set in their ways and can't be molded into glorified ticket writers..keep the force young, do what you like with them..you'll see it, guys get jammed up left and right for the pursuit of that gold shield. What makes it undesirable, for me at least, is the liability that comes with it. The job will ask you to do things, and when it goes south, they throw you under the bus. I only had 2+ years on before I left for greener pastures, but Narco would come week in, week out recruiting. You know its bad when they recruit. Now anyone that knows ANYTHING about the NYPD knows that when something is good, its kept under lock n' key, like the president holding the nuclear football..you don't see Counter-Terrorism or Movie/TV unit coming into commands, right?

      In this job, PLAN B is the best thing that you can do..not having any plan at all..and you're dead even before you started..my old partner with 18 years on always told me that..


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        what does getting "jammed up" mean? sorry for the dumb question.


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          "Jammed Up"....being brought up on charges, either departmental or criminal.


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            Originally posted by gbotj View Post
            you actually have to be a Sergeant for 2 or more years to be eligible for Lt.

            check out the NOE on the DCAS website, go to archive promotional exams and check out the Lt. announcment.
            Who the heck are you? LOL, seems like you got all the answers about NYPD, but your not a sworn officer.......

            Anyways, I don't have ANY TOJ, but I can tell ya that its not very hard to "make grade" in the NYPD right now. It's a young job, and you don't need a hook to get what you want, that just makes it easier. I know a handful of guys who have done what they've wanted out of hard work and applying for the unit at the right time.

            Oh, and you CAN take the LT exam after a day of being SGT, doesn't mean you'll be promoted that day though............. It's a civil service exam, just like everything else, it may take up to two years to get to your name on the list.


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              well my father, grandfather, all my uncles, and cousins (about 25 altogether) are all PO's with either Nassau County Police Department, or NYPD. All everyone talks about is the Police Department, I spend alot of time in the station houses, partys and have a pretty good understanding of how some things work. What I post on here is what I have been told first hand, and what I have actually seen. I've been there when Narco went into roll call to recruit guys, and the only ones who actually are interested are rookies, and they accept them.

              BTW it is VERY hard to make grade in the NYPD. All the guys I know are all third grade detectives, and have been for anywhere from 5-17 years.

              Another thing, if I see someone on here asking a question about a job, I'll ask one of my family members about it to give someone an answer. Its not just me giving you MY opinion.


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                ELIGIBILITY TO BE PROMOTED: To be eligible for promotion, you must have served permanently in the rank
                of Sergeant in any one or combination of the New York City Police, Transit Police or Housing Authority Police
                Departments for at least two years and have successfully completed the probationary period for Sergeant.
                Additionally, you must be permanently employed as a Sergeant or your name must appear on a Preferred List
                for Sergeant at the time of promotion.

                I misunderstood the other guys question, I thought he thought he could get promoted to LT. with under 2 years service as a SGT.


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