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NYS Internal Investigator 1 & 2(Justice Center)


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  • NYS Internal Investigator 1 & 2(Justice Center)

    Hey Everyone,

    I have an interview coming up next month with these guys I wanted to ask if anyone has any insight for this position. I understand it’s a State Investigator position but I can’t seem to find if there covered under CPL 1.20 or CPL 2.10 it mentions for there level 2 position applicant must already have NYS POLICE cert. But mentions nothing about there Level 1 position having to have Peace/ Police Officer status whereas there level 2 counterpart.

    Base off the announcement I know it’s a 9-5 Mon/Fri weekends off job

    but once again I can’t seem to find anything else about them.
    Retirement/ Do they carry on there Shield & ID ? If so what do they carry ? Is it like other state investigator jobs do they get take home cars? Aside from handling cases with persons with disabilities are there other units?

    Here’s one of the announcement that is currently open:


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    The reason why you can’t find it in 1.20 or 2.10 is because it isn’t there. I have no idea why they require the police cert for level 2 as they aren’t actually police officers (unless they get deputized by the AG or a DA in case by case basis. And I don’t know that they do)

    My guess is that it is so the jobs can be reserved for 211 waivers

    As far as I know they have no other units. The IGs office handles internal affairs for the state along with certain types of welfare and Medicaid fraud. And the AGs office handles what they always have
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      Ive worked with them a couple of times - all retired cops. Seemed like good people - terrible cases though.


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