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felony for a videogame?


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  • felony for a videogame?

    I think the assembly has gone nuts. Yes violent games should not be sold to underage kids BUT Do you really mean to tell me a store clerk can not ask for ID? plus this really seems like Albany wants to be a parent That is say The parents job NO?

    I for one understand the reason but You also have to put limits as to what we want our government doing and I for one Do not want Albany trying to be my kids parent. I will decide if something is appropriate based our family's values not some politician in Albany NY.
    The video gaming Industry has already moved to sue NYS over this and frankly in a state that can not even get a death penalty to stand court review this law has no chance of standing review what is chilling is that the assembly passed this law knowing that it will not stand to court review now why waste everyones time?
    IT is the Parents job to raise their kids not Albany NY.
    With ratings and such how many parents do not know what not intended for those under 17 means? If they can not figure this out then they should get to a doc and get themselves sterile before they have any more kids. Do we really need Albany in our homes? what happened to Parents being Parents or do they think we need their help to raise our kids?

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