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    I have taken the NYC DEP Police officer exam and have been through several steps in the hiring process. I am simultaneously processing for NYPD. The issue at hand is that DEP uses the NYPD to process applicants and the necessary face to face time with the department is missing. Where are they? We have questions that their partial website does not satisfy. I haven't been able to speak to a living, breathing DEP officer. This lack of presence is distressing considering that many of us, not just me, have questions.

    How many assignment levels are there aside from assignment Level I for regular patrol officer.

    what is the retirement plan?

    *i don't see the Union contract.

    how difficult is it to advance?

    whats starting pay for sergeants?

    out of the academy what can a new rook expect to be doing, assigned to where?

    cost of living with the base salary, is it comfortable?

    do most prefer assignment to the city or upstate? Why?

    are officers assigned to treatment plants, reservoir dwellings or they patrol the watershed and protected areas? Maybe all the above?

    * these are all simple questions that a face to face conversation could take care of. But finding or getting an ACTUAL DEP Officer to engage whether in person or on this forum has been unsuccessful.

    I am at a crossroads and may have to withdraw from DEP to go into the January 2019 NYPD academy. Not for any other reason than the NYPD being there, actually THERE to answer my comments, questions and concerns.

    Exam: 8320
    list: 24*

    exam: 8339
    list: 101*

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    We had some people come over from DEP. It's not a good job for either pay or benefits. It's one of the few times I'd probably tell someone to go with NYPD instead.


    • Scannerdarkley
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      Thanks for the feedback. I definitely agree.

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    NYPD is the worst job when considering NY Police jobs. NYC DEP just takes their cues from the NYPD.

    Despite DEP's non existent law enforcement role and their crappy pay/benefits, you are probably infinitely better equipped for an actual police agency when the time comes to transfer out.

    Having come from the NYPD and then transferring out to a new dept, the DEP academy is probably light years ahead of the NYPD academy with regards to general discipline, academics, weapons training, defensive tactics, and so on.

    It may even be as easy as a simple resignation/reinstatement with a resume (instead of taking the test and waiting on the list) when you want to transfer out.

    Hopefully someone from DEP will chime in soon, until then, keep all options open and don't write them off.


    • Scannerdarkley
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      I'm trying to give both a fair shake but its rather difficult as the clock winds down. I appreciate the feedback.

    • HighwayBob
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      The NYPD Academy is a joke. You spend so much time learning useless things, all to be politically correct. They cater to the lowest common denominator, and there is little discipline. At times it reminded me of high school.

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    Former DEP.

    EPO I is officer
    EPO II is sergeant
    EPO III Is Lt
    MA II is Captain
    They have Deputy Inspectors
    Previously had the rank of Inspector
    Chief, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief
    Deputy Commish.

    The Union has been a joke.
    Advancement to Sergeant isn't hard. I made it. I also won't recommend it.
    Starting pay for Sergeant? 80K now for base pay?
    Out of the academy, fixed post in East of Hudson with some days on the road, Patrol in West of Hudson divisions.
    COL is better if you are upstate. There is no difference in pay by location.
    Assignments are mostly near the city (Fixed posts) They try to keep you geographically located as best as possible.
    You are assigned to a precinct. your assignments at the precinct vary. I can only tell you about WOH division.


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