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  • Bklyn Library Special Officer

    Hey i was wondering if anyone here was in this title and could provide some information. I was curious what the top pay was and how long it takes to get there. Also is a title where you pay into nycers. I noticed they are under dc37 where most other special officer positions are under 237 or leeba. Any idea of what the job is like?Any info is appreciated.

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    Library Special Officer? Are we joking around here? How loudly can you say "Shhhhhhhhhhh........." without annoying the folks at the next table? Chase down the folks who haven't returned their library books? Maybe an in-depth investigation over a missing DVD?

    Oh well, it is New York. Probably good for 87.5K, full benefits, and retirement at 20 years (as long as you don't have any overdue books).

    Sorry, just couldn't resist.


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      Bookman. Library cop. Best character ever.
      Now go home and get your shine box!


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        Was hoping to get some help as im currently in the title in a different agency and was interested in a lateral.

        its in the special officer title so you’re a nys peace officer. Many city agencies lease spaces in libraries to deal with the public. Most of these programs offer free services so you can imagine what type of people you’re going to deal with (Think of what you see in most HRA centers). Not many people go to libraries to rent books anymore. They offer much more than that. They’re like public assistance offices now.

        Dont think you’re not going to have your fair share of edp’s to deal with. Methodone heads sleeping in the bathrooms. Im sure its more than just keeping people quiet so they can read. Im sure you’re going to be doing a great bit of babysitting.

        was curious if anyone could give me an idea regarding the Top pay, benefits, is a Nycers pension transferable to this agency. Are there shifts or just day tours. Cant find too much online about it so i figured heres the best place to ask.


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          Never heard of this job. No one I work with has ever heard of it either. If your goal is to be a peace officer I can think of better jobs out there.
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            I already am a peace officer. Been for 12 years. Was looking for a change of scenery. Most agencies don’t offer lateral transfers anymore unless you retake the special officer test. I always keep an eye out for postings but I never see any opportunity’s. Any help is appreciated on how to lateral anywhere.


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              I didn’t knew about this position until 2 days ago, is funny that I found it here of someone asking. I’ll say if you want to be a peace officer then go for it why not, but I looked at the pay and it says 35k starting out. So I’m not sure of the max pay but looking by the starting it might be low.. and who knows how long it even takes to reach top pay


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                If you’re looking for a change of scenery join the Parks Dept. enforcement patrol. They’re peace officer and starting is $49k


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