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  • Suffolk County Part-time/seasonal

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any information on Suffolk County part time/seasonal police officer (town/village) openings and had a few questions.

    1. Does anyone know which depts hire the most? Riverhead? Southampton Town?

    1. In terms of the process (PAT, BI, Med, Poly) does it differ at all from the regular SCPD process?

    1. Is there any rough estimate as to how many people apply versus how many people successfully go through the academy and get part time positions? or is it similar to the 1 in 10 like the SCPD process?

    1. Do any towns/villages require officers to be dual certified as officers & EMTs? and if so, will already having an EMT certification and EMS experience help get on?

    1. Finally, is there any rhyme or rhythm as to which candidates are sponsored through the academy? is it based on residency status or prior LE experience or having a good interview?

    Thank you

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    Many of smaller Suffolk County agencies hire part-time/seasonal officers. Some agencies will require you to be on a civil service list, some will require you to have an active NYS DCJS Police officer cert, some will sponsor you to go through phase 1 & 2 training. As a part time police officer applicant, your investigation and process will be handled by the SCPD and will go through exact same process as what full time officer candidates go through, EXCEPT you maybe attending evening academy.
    Not all department require to you be an EMT and not sure whether having one will help you or not. Not sure what the acceptance rate is for the part time positions, but I did see people failing their physical agility tests. Some agencies will prefer that you are resident of the town/village that you'll be working for, but again, residency is not required for some agencies.

    Your best bet is to contact agencies that you have in mind and see if they have openings for part time positions. Best of luck to you.


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    Thanks for the info!


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