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Suffolk County Police Dept Exam - June 2019


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    Originally posted by Davey53 View Post

    For each class that goes in, it is different up until the class that enters the academy on the last year of the contract.

    42K Academy
    50K post Academy
    58K After Yr 1
    64K After Yr 2
    72K After Yr 3
    80.5K After Yr 4
    90K After Yr 5
    100K After Yr 6
    109K After Yr 7
    115K After Yr 8
    126K After Yr 9
    140K After Yr 10
    150K After Yr 11
    155,693 After Year 11.5

    these numbers are ball park. Not exact but very close. It varies pending on which year you start the academy but 155,693 is top no matter what. Good Luck with the process.

    2% contribution to health care which is based on base pay


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      Dang, thought I did better on this one but ended up with a 90. Maybe they'll do one more test before I hit age cut off and I'll try again.


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      Hello All,
      what’s the likelihood that they canvass people with a score of 90? I got a 90 :-(


      • HighwayBob
        HighwayBob commented
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        No one can say with any degree of certainty, however your chances are not very good and I wouldn't count on getting hired off of this list if I was you.

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      Can anyone confirm is the lottery on the 22nd for the 95s?


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        Just wanted to say good luck to everyone in the lottery and congratulations to all the 95's!
        NC Sheriff Exam:
        Score: 90
        List Number: 1XX

        NYC Corrections
        Score: 93

        NYPD 0320:

        2019 MTA PD Exam:

        2019 Suffolk PD Exam:


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          I hate lotterys, difficult to accept the fact that potentially amazing police officers will never be given the chance to work for Suffolk county PD based off of luck. I know there were soo many applicants. I was NYC DOC in rikers for almost 3 years now I'm NYPD but wouldn't hesitate for a second to do a third academy for Suffolk county. I guess keeping your fingers crossed is the best anyone can do.


          • Segurosky3410
            Segurosky3410 commented
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            I thought you score high then await for your number to be call rather then scoring high then enter a lottery. Crazy

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          On the list there are numbers next to peoples names. 105s have the number 1. 100s have the number 32. 95s have the number 213. What do these numbers mean?


          • jdaf97
            jdaf97 commented
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            It’s just the groupings of the scores. They don’t really mean anything besides how many people are in each group of scores

          • HighwayBob
            HighwayBob commented
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            It's the list number. Anyone with the same score has the same list number.

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          Does anyone have any idea on what list number and below is a good probability of getting called??


          • TrunkS3
            TrunkS3 commented
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            Nobody would know that answer dude. It could be 1,000 or 4,000. It’s pure speculation. You just have to play the waiting game. Figure they only went up to about 2,400 off the last exam.

          • Simpleguy515
            Simpleguy515 commented
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            I know it was a long shot but the speculation was just curious I don’t know anything about last exam thank you tho

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          Anyone have any idea when the next academy is, and how many academies scpd does each year?


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            Just read enough posts with speculation, guessing, and misinformation to give me a headache...
            The following information is based on my personal experience and knowledge of how the process works and may or may not be the way they run it this time or have run it in the past. The process varies slightly per person and is always changing, as is the work that police officers do. Please use this information as a guide only to help you understand where you are in the process and do not use it as a roadmap for where you currently are.

            There are no set number of academies per year. There have been years when there weren't any and there have been years when they did two classes at the same time. I would think that the processing will start fairly early for the 105/100's because all the background work for the past list is null and void at this point. if you have a 100/105 be ready, you can get called at any time. Anyone with a 95, stay ready. There won't be any movement on the 95 lists until the lotto, and from that point forward if you are 250 or less I would expect that you will be called to start soon.

            ***Pre Warning*** Be aware of what you post on this forum or the internet. Watch your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other internet posts because they can and will come back to haunt you. Do not post protected information.

            1- If you took the test and got a 105 or 100. Congratulations. Be Prepared for the notification that you need to report for the orientation. More on that process down the list.

            2- You took the test and got a good (95 or better score). Congratulations. While this certainly helps your odds of getting hired, it does not guarantee you a spot at the academy. I am VERY sorry to say that if you have a 90 or lower on the standard test, that you probably will not be called. There are close to 5000 people ahead of you who will need to be processed and either be eliminated or decline the job. The current ratio was approximately 1:10 were hired through the end of the process. Once the lottery is done and everyone now has a new "list number" then they have called people in for orientation sessions as needed. Usually, this has been in 200-300 person blocks of scores. Sorry to say that if you are 301 and they call 200-300, you will have to wait for the next orientation, if it ever comes. For the 2015 test, there were 6-7 classes put into the academy and they did call and process up to the 3000's mark on the 95 list. There is hope if you got a sub 3000 lotto score that you will be called eventually, but don't expect it to be in 2020. This list will be valid until 2024ish. Depending on when they give the next test and when the scores are certified and published. As soon as the next list is published, then the old list is invalid. Continue Reading below for more information on the orientation and background process.

            3- Orientation- You will be given a date to show up to the academy and receive your paperwork for your background, given an overview of the application process and scheduled for a date for the physical fitness testing. I'm not your mother so I'm not going to tell you what to do, but showing up for the orientation with a fresh shave, shined shoes, a new conservative haircut, and dressed in a freshly pressed suit(females included) certainly served me well. At orientation, you will receive your scheduled date for the physical fitness testing. It is usually 2 weeks after the orientation. If you are not ready and think you will fail, take a deferral. I do not advise you take a deferral, but FAILING THE PHYSICAL FITNESS WILL ELIMINATE YOU FROM THE PROCESSING AND YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE THE NEXT TEST IN 4 YEARS TO GET HIRED. There are literally 5000 people who would kill you for the job, and deferring the physical put you at a disadvantage. You will have to wait until the next set of hiring to do it if that next set ever comes. Just stay in shape and you will be fine.

            4- Physical Fitness Testing - The test will be explained to you at orientation (with a video) and is typically 2 weeks following your orientation date. At any point up until you attempt the testing you can defer the tests, this includes the very day you show up for the test. The test will consist of push-ups, situps, and a 1.5-mile run conducted to the age/gender standards listed on the civil service web site. They follow the cooper standards. In my personal experience, the tests are conducted so the sit-ups and push-ups are done first. If you don't pass one of these tests, you are dismissed and given a re-test date. At this point, you can not defer your make up testing. You either pass the re-testing or you have to wait 4 years to take the test and hopefully get a good lotto score again. Not advised.

            ----- Important to note: If you don't pass the physical, you will not get past this point. So I guess the pro tip is, just start working out and running now and stay in shape. -----

            5 - Background paperwork- You will receive paperwork at the orientation to start your background investigation. You will be given a very specific time, date, and location as a cut off to drop off the paperwork. Someone from investigations will be present at that time, date, and location to sign off on the list at the cut-off. If your packet is late, just throw it in the trash can. It will not be accepted, you will not be given an extension, you will be disqualified and someone else who could follow directions and be there on time will get the job. Too bad, so sad. 5000 people want this job they don't need to cater to you. You had a week to get it together and drop it off. That is and was more than enough time for all the people before you to get the job done and turn it in on time.

            ----Important to note: Steps 6-8 will and can occur in any order as civil service controls these parts of the testing and your investigator has no input on the order, date, or any other aspect of this testing. Once you complete steps 6-8 you are then handed off to the Background Investigator (BI) and they will contact you and start your background. ------

            6- Written Psych- At some point, you will be scheduled for written psychological testing. Be at the time and location they gave you and be ready. The test is computerized with specific directions given that day. Show up on time, dressed appropriately, and ready for lots of mouse clicking. There will also be a writing sample that day. Be prepared for that. Write neatly and answer the questions truthfully.

            7- Oral Psych- Following your written psych, at some point, you will be scheduled for an oral psych interview with the county civil service psychologist. Remember that writing sample? Remember all those computer questions? Well I hope you were truthful, they have access to all of that and will dig into any inconsistencies in your answer among those 500 questions and you may have to explain exactly why you want to be a florist... Just like all other parts of this job, be able to articulate your actions and answers is key.

            8- Medical Exam- At some point, you will be scheduled to report to the doctor and have a medical exam to include vital signs, drug testing, vision, and hearing. They will instruct you to bring some paperwork with you to the medical. Have it. Some people will have been told to bring letters from their physicians for certain things, make sure you have them. You will be given a slip to go for a blood draw. Just go and do it. They don't tell you (from what I can remember) that the blood draw should be a fasting blood draw. So don't eat from the night before when you go. Stay hydrated, because if you don't pee in the cup with the nurse watching, you have to wait... and wait... and wait... and you cant progress in the medical until you do.

            ------ Important Note: Once 6-8 are done, you will be handed off the Background Investigator-----

            9- In-person interview- If you pass the above-listed testing, you will be assigned a background investigator. The BI will contact you and schedule you for a date to come to headquarters with specific documents and have a background interview. Some have lasted 1 hour, others have lasted 7 hours. A conservative estimate will be 4 hours start to finish. You may have to write statements about somethings in your past, get them done and turned in as soon as possible. Be prepared to talk about any and all calls to 911, traffic accidents, domestic incidents, high school suspensions, drug use, arrests, or that time you got a ticket for open beer in Patchogue. Don't assume something will disqualify you. Discuss your concerns with the BI, and don't write yourself off. The BIGGEST thing that will get you disqualified is getting caught up in a lie. Even if you explain it away and have a good reason for your lie... you lied. Police officers don't lie and your INTEGRITY IS YOUR BIGGEST ASSET. So what if you smoked pot in high school 2-3 times? Are you clean and sober now? Did you get blackout drunk on spring break but don't drink now because you learned a lesson? People drink and people make mistakes. You are human. Just done lie about anything and you should be good.

            10- Polygraphy- At some point in this phase you will be scheduled for a polygraph with a police department polygraph technician. This is where the NOT LYING comes into play. They will find out. You will be eliminated. You will have wasted all your time on this and will have to wait until the next test to try again... if you get a good lotto score. Be open, be honest, and answer the questions truthfully. Just like the background investigation, plan on 4 hours. Some tests have been 1 hour, some have been 9. The polygraph tech won't let you leave until they are satisfied with their decision on if you are truthful or not. Also, they will not tell you that you passed or not. So don't ask. You should know if you were truthful or not. Know your truth. Also, be aware that the polygraph has an expiration date on it. You may be sitting around for months waiting for the polygraph to happen. They won't send you for the polygraph until they are sure an academy will happen within the expiration timeline. I don't know that timeline though.

            ------Important note: At this point, you are probably on a "ready to hire" list. That is the list of people who, if called tomorrow could start the academy and be hired because they have cleared all the process. During this whole time, 2 months to 2 years, stay in shape. Day 2 of the academy is a physical fitness test (the PT In test). If you fail the test you may be out of the academy. Make sure you stay in shape.

            11- GETTING THE CALL- The class has been approved by the county and has been signed off. Your BI will call you personally and have you come to headquarters to sign the job acceptance letter. Typically there will be some rumors that the class is going to start and you will have some idea, but there has been as little as 2 days notice that the class was going to start. There have also been cases where people have signed for the job acceptance and then the academy was put on hold... Do not quite your job because you think you are starting the academy until you are told to. Calls have happened on a Friday with Academy Starting on a Monday... It is the best call of your life though.

            ---- Important note: You may be told to go to the quartermaster for uniform fittings. The big bosses have windows in their office that face the Quartermaster. Don't act like a fool. You are being watched. 1000's of eyes are on you. Every police officer you meet will be evaluating your personality and demeanor to see if you are the type of person who they want to be working with... Your reputation will start IMMEDIATELY and your name will be out there, good or bad.

            12- Day 1 of the Academy - Make sure you wear a suit. Make sure you have a hair cut and a shave. Make sure you did a trial trip to the academy to know how to get there, where to park, and how to follow directions to the EXACT spot they tell you to show up at. Be prepared that there will be 100 other recruits showing up at the same time, and you will all be excited and nervous. Just do as told, when told and you will be fine. Bring what they tell you to bring, no more and no less. Don't wear your $1500 Armani suit, as pushup can and will happen and no one will give a single care about your suit.

            12.1 Academy Success- Show up, Shut up, and Listen. You will be going through 6 months of the best training you can get. Every aspect of being a police officer will be covered. Law, procedures, tactics, shooting, drill and ceremonies, uniform prep, radio procedures, defensive tactics, water survival, active shooter, EMT class... you name it. You are joining one of the best police departments in the nation. Give it your all, because you will only get out of the academy what you put into it. Yes, the prior military and police service recruits may have a slight advantage, but you are training for YOU. Get what you can out of the academy to be an effective cop. No one wants you showing up on the first day of field training looking and acting like a fool.

            12.2 WHAT NOT TO DO AT THE ACADEMY- Don't get a DWI, Don't Get Arrested, Don't get pulled over, and for GOD SAKES Don't get involved with police action off-duty. You are not a cop yet. Don't try to stop robbers or burglars. Don't try to break up fights. Don't try to chase the heroin addict who just broke into your car in your driveway around the block and tackle him and "arrest" him until the real police arrive and find out he didn't have any proceeds. Your job is more important. Be a good witness and call 911, better yet... you inside and study or workout. Stay out of everything so your dumb *** don't get fired before you actually get out into the street.

            12.3 Field Training- Show Up, Shut Up, and LEARN! Iron your uniform, Shine your shoes and don't talk ****. You know the basics and that is it. You now need to learn how to apply it. Your FTO will teach you how to do the job the way the cops in your area do the job. Take a piece from every FTO you have and apply it to the way you want to do your job when you are done. You may be detailed out to assignments, parades, and details. You may be put on the prisoner run, you may be working at the desk. You are new, everyone had to do it and you will learn EVERY DAY until you retire. Get phone numbers from all the cops in your squad, and make phone calls if you don't know how to handle something. Don't bother the Sgt with silly questions that can be answered by other cops and your FTO's

            13. Your Career- Get involved early. Fraternal organizations, PBA meetings, and events, Political Action Events, Squad functions.. you name it. The more you get to know the people you work with the stronger the bond will become and the more fun you will have at work and out. Also, start your damn deferred comp the day they let you sign up for it!! You will thank yourself at retirement that you did, and if you start it immediately you won't even feel the contributions and they will grow. Just do it!
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            • TrekkinDave
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              Pro-Tip: Going forward please don't include the entire quote of this post in your reply..... if you want quote a specific part, highlight cut, and past.. otherwise it will be included in 100's of posts in the next 4 years while this eligibility list is active.

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            Unfortunately I scored a 90, however I am still under active military orders and was unable to apply my 5 points for military service toward my score. When I turn in my DD-214 (separations paperwork) In 2022, does anyone know how the lottery will affect me at the point since I will then be pushed into a 95 score ?


            • Max99
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              I was in the same situation for the 2015 exam. I scored a 90 and was still active duty. Civil service will add your vet points when they get your dd-214. They will then hold a separate lottery for you and give you a number/ranking out of the remaining 95s that haven’t been called

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            Max99 ok cool that’s good news, did it end up working in your favor ?


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              I’m still on active duty and fully processed with Nassau without needing vet points. Suffolk was a backup.


              • UH60Driver11
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                Just out of curiosity, are you stationed outside of NY and how many times did you have to travel to Nassau in order to complete processing? I'm still active duty and I'm nowhere close to NY after this most recent PCS. I've heard some departments have special processing for military because we are, for the most part out, of state applicants. I'm wondering if Suffolk has something like that where you would only have to go in like 2-3 times.

              • Max99
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                I’m stationed in a state close to NY. I had to take about 7 trips and burn up a decent amount of leave. There is no expedited process for military for most NY agencies besides NYPD. My Chain of command knows I’m getting out of the military so they were supportive and my BI was very flexible

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              Should I be worried I have not gotten anything in mail yet


              • DonSCPD19
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                Nope. I think all that's happened is the list publication online. I'd imagine after the lottery on the 22nd they will mail things out.

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              Originally posted by mrsh14 View Post
              Should I be worried I have not gotten anything in mail yet


              • mrsh14
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                So the list im looking at online means I did not pass? That's what I'm looking for

              • Pollux053
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                Basically man, they only post the passing scores. If you can’t find the name.. that’s what it means.

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