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NYPD Reinstatement


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  • NYPD Reinstatement

    I figured I add this post to inform people who are considering coming back to NYPD. This applies primarily to UMOS who resigned with permission of the police commissioner and are off probation.

    The first step is to write a 49 to the PC requesting to be reinstated to previous rank. Things to include are your date of resignation, tax number, where you work now and if you still work for them, and along with reachable contact information. You mail the typed letter to: 1 Police Plaza, Rm 1400, New York, NY 10007 ATTN: Reinstatement.

    It takes a few weeks before a Sgt (your reinstatement investigator) contacts you via your contact information on the 49. Included in the email would be a reinstatement packet which you need to complete before you meet your investigator. This packet is similar to the initial booklet we had to fill out when we got ON THE JOB. It is a whole lot easier because you only add information since you left the department. In this email it lists certain APD forms that have to be notarized for the meeting. You will also have to bring a $75 money order for fingerprints which is done at the meeting with the investigator at 1PP.

    The investigator will also request you to call him/her in the initial email to schedule for a medical screening appointment along with a meeting with him/her on the same day as the medical. (very flexible)

    Medical appt: Its now held at the Old Academy. When you get there and finish all the security screening, go up to the front desk and tell them you are there for a reinstatement medical. This is different so you don't have to be mixed in with the candidates there for their mini-med or medical to get ON THE JOB. Someone from the medical division will be assigned to you and they know that you are supposed to be there for the reinstatement medical. This is relatively an appt. of few hours (+/-2 Hrs) nothing like the 6+ hrs medicals at Lefrak. You are likely to be the only reinstatement for the appt. They test you for hearing, vision, and EKG. They will also shave/cut hair for the drug test. Youvwill fill out a few medical forms in regards to medical information after you got hired including LODs etc.

    side note: you will hear stories about cops who did the process wanting to come back from PAPD, MTA PD, Troppers and out of state/local LE agencies or what not. You are not the only one wanting to come back to THE JOB. You can also be put on medical review, be aware!!

    After this most likely you have to meet your Inv. down at 1PP with the reinstatement packet, notarized forms and money order. Another quick appointment as long as you have filled out all your paperwork competently. You get your fingerprints done here. After your meeting with the inv. he/she will forward your CPI/personnel file to PYSC for scheduling.

    Within a week or two you will get a call from Psyc assessment to schedule you for a written and oral psych (same day). They are not really flexible here but will work with you, generally your appt is a few weeks after the scheduling call.

    Psyc appt: YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE WRITTEN PYSC AND ORAL PYSC all over again just like a candidate trying to get on. Have all your prior job/education information and what not. Its not like the medical. This was the most draining thing in the process.

    After this you pretty much wait for brass or who ever that makes a decision to hire you. You simply get a phone call stating to get sworn-in likely the next day at 1PP with a chief. You are told to resign from your current job before swear-in. Also voucher your guns before. You get assigned you permanent cmd this day, from what I hear you can go back to your old cmd or a new one depending on availability. This day you go to NYCPPF and Health benefits section to do paperwork there.
    Then you are assigned to the New Academy for refreshers. (2weeks)

    So this is the process. I believe if you finish the process before a year (regardless of when you get re-hired/sworn-in) you get to keep your tax number, seniority and pay where you left off from. Anything after you are a new tax number.

    Don't wait till the beginning of month 12 after you left NYPD to write your 49 to come back. The process takes a while. Make your decision wisely and know that you are not the only one who has done this before. Lesson learnt: The grass is not always greener on the other side. Pay no mind to the people who say you are crazy to come back and your current job is better and what not. You are doing this for YOU!!

    Be Safe!!

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    Useful information to say the least. I know personally that I debated coming back a few times. That 12 month window was good and bad.. it could take a few months to really figure out if you like or hate your new job. I found it most helpful to write out a list of all the reasons why you want to leave and if you end up pulling the pin, Re-read the handy list you made before you decide to come back! It was the first time I realized why people go back to abusive relationships LOL.

    But in all honesty, everyone's circumstances are different and people do frequently decide to come back. Ive been out too long at this point to come back but it's better off that I didn't. If I had more than 12 months to reapply, I probably would have considered coming back more seriously


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      “It was the first time I realized why people go back to abusive relationships LOL” Hilarious!!!


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