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  • Worker's Comp at current job

    I am waiting for a call from Nassau County for PCO. I fell two weeks ago at work dislocating my kneecap. I know the injury won't hinder me from DOING the job I would be training for, but would filing worker's comp for the time I was out as well as any medical bills hinder me from GETTING the job?

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    Maybe, maybe not.

    First, you don't get to decide if the injury will hinder you in performing the job. It is up to the department you are applying with.

    Their concerns don't end once the injury "appears" to be healed. Among other things to be looked at are, once the limb is damaged (weakened), what are the chances of reinjury or of other knee-related problems developing?. In many states, if a preexisting injury from an old employer is exacerbated by a new injury with a new employer by just 1%, the new employer becomes financially liable to provide lifetime care for that entire injury. Similarly, if that on the job exacerbation results in the police employee being no longer able to perform the duties of his employment, the employer may be on the hook for the cost of a disability pension. These are costly things that give potential police employers concern.

    If this is truly a "nothing" injury, you have little to worry about. But, depending on the amount of damage done and the degree of treatment required, it could become an issue. It will all depend on how the department's physician evaluates your medical reports.

    If it is a work related injury, medical bills should not hinder you as they should be going to the employer's worker's comp insurance carrier and not to you.
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