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    I thought I would inquire from one of the largest Law Enforcement Agencies in the county. Our agency in Florida had voted in the PBA approximately one year ago. Negations started not to long after. Of course, being the first contract, things are going along like a 10,000 frieght car train. One of the questions I have is, during the city negations between the union reps and the city, is it open for the rank and file to sit in during this time? We have the option to sit in during negations, but sometimes it is very difficult while we are working. I'm just wondering what your procedures are.

    I appreciate your help.

    Thanks and stay safe.

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    I my neck of the woods, contract talks are closed to all but those actually involved in the negotiating process.

    The reason for it is that both sides usually do a lot of posturing and make outrageous demands as part of the give and take process. In addition, insults and derogatory comments are often traded. If this is publicly reported outside of the negotiations it can cause serious morale problems for both labor and management, interfere with negotiating strategies and hurt public perception of both groups.

    Someone once said that no one should see how sausages and laws are made. The same applies to public employee contracts.
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