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    Originally posted by BOBBY THE BULL DOG View Post
    but a domestic incident report is nothing anyone can do it, some ppl may have one n not now for instance,,
    That sentence doesn't even make sense.


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      I've seen you in numerous threads with your postings... I'm trying to offer you advice the nicest way possible. You have to "Hurry up and Wait" per the NYPD motto. When you have your meeting with the investigator that is assigned to you, you will be give ALL the details as to what you must provide and how quickly you need to provide it. Believe me, if there are any hiccups in your past that you are that concerned about, I recommend you contact whichever agency had responded to the previous 911 calls/incidents/etc and ask them for a disposition so that if/when your investigator asks you for it you already have a copy to be presented.

      You will drive yourself insane sitting here pondering everything. Trust me, I am speaking from experience. I've missed two academy classes even though I've turned everything in to my investigator. (Waiting for paperwork from past employers etc) And yes it gets you down in the dumps, felt like $hit the 2nd time I got passed over but you know what, I've done all that I could so at this point there is nothing I can do but "Hurry up and wait".

      Take this advice however you will but understand I mean you no malice, just trying to help as are the other members of this forum so please don't take it so personally when they tell you that you are overdoing these posts, etc. They have all been in your shoes and are giving you first hand advice.


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        Dont worry. Your school will send your jacket to the nypd. This is why you type up the letters to the school. Its out of your hands and its really not a big deal if it was a one time thing.

        Repetitive will be an issue.
        Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


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          TNT I sent you a pm.

          Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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