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  • NYPD July 2015 Academy

    Welcome back ladies and gentleman! Its a month away from the new academy class, so i thought it was time to make the most useful thread on the forums in my opinion. Also gives the people who will not make January a place to come after calls go out. As of right now, the new academy for January 2015 will be held in College Point Queens. I will try to update this page as often as possible to the best of my ability! Good luck to everyone who will be going through the process in hopes of making the July 2015 Academy.

    Useful contact information:
    NYC DCAS (212) 669-1357
    NYPD Scheduling Unit (718) 972-7344 7376, 7340 and 7316
    NYPD Application Status (718) 972-3120
    Candidate Help Desk (718) 972-2503
    Education Verification Unit (718) 972-2633
    Candidate Relations (CR) (718) 972-3120
    JST Tutoring (718) 257-2007
    NYPD Psych Dept (718) 972-7553

    Exams that made January 2015: 2311 2326. 2311 should be pretty much cleared. 2326 reached low 4000s. Also many older exams from 2009-2010. 891 were called for the January 2015 academy, and 30 were placed on standby.

    Exams and eligibility of those exams: (If your exam is not posted, please just write on this thread or send me a PM with your exam # and how many eligible are on that exam.

    2311 10/2011: Walk-in eligible 2642 (Should be cleared for January 2015)
    2326 12/11-3/12 Walk-in eligible 4357(standby calls for very few)
    2050 3/12 Walk-in eligible 808(Awaiting retake for JST&mini med)
    2052 4/12 Walk-in eligible 432 (Awaiting retake for JST&mini med)
    2053 4/12 Walk-in eligible 824 (Awaiting retake for JST&mini med)
    2054 5/12 Walk-in eligible 151(Awaiting retake for JST&mini med)
    2344 6/12 Walk-in eligible 2361 (Most awaiting JST and Mini Med)

    3308 07/12 Walk-in eligible 1177 (All Medicals have been sent out.)
    3309 08/12 Walk-in eligible 1563 (Medicals have been recieved)
    3310 09/12 Walk-in Eligible 1058 (Awaiting Medicals)
    3311 10/12 Walk-in Eligible 917 (APD-5 Submitted, Awaiting Medicals)
    3312 11/12 Walk-in Eligible 555 (APD-5 recieved. Must be submitted Feb 6th)
    3313 12/12 Walk-in Eligible 1084 (APD-5 recieved must be submitted Feb 6th)
    3314 01/13 Walk-in Eligible 1386
    3315 02/13 Walk-in Eligible 956
    3316 03/13 Walk-in Eligible 1196
    3317 04/13 Walk-in Eligible ???
    3318 05/13 Walk-in Eligible 979
    3319 06/13 Walk-in Eligible 1171
    4300 07/13 Walk-in Eligible 1356
    4306 08/13 Walk-in Eligible 1230

    (If your exam is not posted, write on thread exam number, month, year, and eligibility number of the test.) I will write exams only in chronological order. So if i do not have the exam before yours written I won't write yours yet.

    Pre-Academy tips for dummies by: J.P_NYPD: http://forums.officer.com/t187937/ (PLEASE note: this thread was posted for the july 2013 academy so some information could have changed, but still a great read for those close to the academy.)

    Process Steps:

    Everything you need to hand in to your BI's

    1. Mostly any documentation that changed since the process started.
    2. Two (2) pens (black ink) and two (2) pencils with erasers.
    3. An official copy of your birth certificate with raised seal. If no record of your birth is on file at the Department of
    Health or the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the State in which you were born, obtain a statement from the agency
    attesting to the fact.
    4. Records of change of name, if applicable. Bring all available data on this matter.
    5. Naturalization papers, if foreign born. Police Officers must be U.S. citizens at time of appointment.
    6. High School Diploma and Diplomas or degrees from colleges attended. If qualification is by High School
    Equivalency Diploma or Armed Forces G.E.D. Certificate, the record of the scores you obtained in the
    individual tests must be presented. Transcripts from all colleges you attended, either part time or
    full time must be included.
    7. Marriage certificate, if married. Certificate must be issued by a governmental agency. Birth certificates of children,
    if any.
    8. Records of divorce, annulment or legal separation, if applicable.
    9. Social Security Card.
    10. Motor Vehicle Driver’s License and Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration for any vehicle owned by you or your
    11. Selective Service Registration and Classification Cards. To verify, call 847-688-6888,If not already registered, you may also register online.
    12. Original Discharge or Separation papers for all military service. (DD214 member 4 page)13. Withholding Tax certificates (W-2 Forms) and copies of Federal Income Tax returns for the past five (5) years.
    14. During the last ten (10) years or since age eighteen (18), provide a list of all places of employment with dates and
    include periods of unemployment where you were financially supported by someone other than yourself. Obtain a
    notarized letter from that person stating that you were financially supported by them.
    15. Provide all records of disability benefits received by you to include any workmen’s compensation benefits received.
    16. Membership cards from any labor union, fraternal or social organizations to which you belong.
    17. Record of present outstanding debts, judgments or garnishees.
    18. Two (2) proofs of residence (rent stub, utility bill, etc.)
    19. Transcripts and/or dispositions from the Court Clerk of the court of trial for any arrest in which you were the
    defendant. Proof of payment for any summonses you received (other than traffic summonses.)
    20. Any licenses held by you, (both past and present) from a government agency (pistol, rifle, hack, liquor, etc.)

    Initial Medical Exam information:

    1.) Student copy of accredited college transcripts (or copy of bursar’s receipt showing you are presently enrolled and can meet the educational requirements by date of hire)and the official College Transcript in a sealed envelope.
    2.) Two money orders, one $75 for fingerprints and another $5 for photos
    3.) Copy of DD214 for military guys
    4.) Valid ID (i.e. drivers license, passport, etc.) and 2 copies
    5.) Contact lenses or eyeglasses with case (if applicable)
    6.) 2 Black PensMedical exam.

    It is essentially a lot of paperwork. When you get there you will be assigned an investigator. You will not meet your investigator, they will just give you a piece of paper with his/her name, number and squad. You will need to contact your investigator within 10 days to let them know that you have been assigned to them. So basically you walk into a room, they hand you a packet of paperwork where they want your medical history. They also ask about your past work history (if you have ever been fired), past arrest history, past drug use, and previous addresses for the pre-screening and some other very basic stuff. (If you have ever been fired/disciplinary action/arrests/drug use, they will give you a separate piece of paper, which you will need to provide a detailed explanation. Then you will get finger printed (make sure you have a $75 and $5 money order). After finger printing and paperwork you will start the actual medical. FYI, you will arrive at the medical at 6:30am you will not start the actual medical until about 10am. When you start the medical they will ask you to form 3 lines. 1 line is for hearing, 1 for eyes, and 1 for blood pressure. Basically, grab your paperwork hand it to the doc and get tested for 1 of those 3 depending on what line you are on. The doc/nurse writes down the results and hands it back to you. Then you get on another line for hearing, eyes, or BP depending. If you fail an exam you will be put on medical review. They will give you another opportunity to take the test again at the end of the day. If you fail again, then its still no big deal, they will just ask that you get some paperwork from your doc stating that you are “good to go”. (this happened to me, I was on Medical Review due to my ER visit on my swelled up knee, they asked to bring the clearance letter and all documents from ER visits and follow up appointments on that injury, went back on the given day with whatever the paper work they have asked for, seen the Doctor, got the OK, was put off the review the same day, and scheduled for Written Psych). . After everyone finishes those tests you will then have an electrocardiogram. Which means you go into a room, take off you shirt and the stick a couple of suction cups around your chest, arms, and legs. This checks you heart for any abnormal stuff. Takes about 15 seconds each. Finally, you will be called into a room in groups. You will strip down to you underwear and then meet the doc. He will line you up in rows and make you do a few things while he walks around checking everyone out. He makes you stick your hands out in front of you and bend at the knees all the way down so your *** hits the back of your heels,then you will standup and bend at the hip and touch your toes. Then he will make you stand on you left leg and jump up and down, then the right leg and jump up and down, then stand on you toes and tip toe like 3 feet forward and 3 feet back. And that’s it for the exercises. Then the doc will sit at a desk in front of the room (he will have everyone’s paperwork already) and he will call your name. When he calls your name you step to the front of the desk and he will review your file. (The file of your medical history that you filled out earlier in the day). He may or may not ask you questions on the information you put down. Depending on what he asks you and what you say may determine if you get put on medical review. He may just want more info from your doc. Now, even if you do get put on medical review, the doc only asked for some information from you current doctor. So don’t bug out.
    OK, so if you pass everything they will assign you a date to take your written psych test and JST test. They also give you a packet with another load of paperwork that you will need to fill out (TYPE) and give to your investigator. The day should end at about 1:30-2pm. FYI, you can get almost all these APD forms on the Internet, not sure why they don’t tell you this, but just go to www.nyc.gov/nypd then choose on the left careers, then under Police Officer choose forms, and u r good to go, save them in your comp. and print as u go. This link will give you most of them. They are interactive PDF forms so you can just type away on your computer screen.Expires in 36 months, but your fingerprints only good for one year.

    Written Psychology Exam information

    1) Business attire (as always)
    2) Bring at least 2 sharpened #2 pencils
    3) Black pen.

    Get there a little early. They sent us up as we got there but you will wait on a line in the hall. They squeeze about 45 of you into a small classroom. It is tiny. Try to go to the bathroom before as once you're in it is difficult to get out. You are literally sitting elbow to elbow. Everyone that didn't fit in the room has to sit in chairs outside the room. The entire thing from the time they sat us down until I walked out was about 4 hours, a little less. It's actually not to bad it goes fast. KNOW YOUR INFORMATION! You have to rewrite all jobs and schooling that you put on the apd 5. After you are done filling out all personal information you begin the test. As you are finished you go outside the room and they check out all your information forms. Make sure you are precise. They do not let you leave until all dates are correct and everything matches up and makes sense.Expires in 36 months.

    Oral Psychology Exam information:

    Basically you go into a room and they fire off questions at you. They will have all the information you filled out at the written test. If your employment history is all wrong, because you didn't know they were going to ask you that stuff when you went to take the written, (although, if you are reading this, you should know) or you just have not been taking this to seriously, or what ever. Don’t sweat it.....just tell the psych the correct stuff and she will correct it. I would write it down and just read it off to him/her. They will let you pull out a paper. It is basically most of the information from APD 5. You should fill out this form before you go and bring it. Have any explanations ready. The will ask about you driving history accidents/moving violations/parking tickets/etc. They will ask about you family (ages/jobs, etc) Know your complete school history and work history. Then they will ask you a bunch of other questions, i.e. have you ever hit anything, punched a wall, kicked something in anger, etc. how is you relationship with your parents, girlfriend,....how do you resolve conflict, when you get stressed does your appetite change, do eat more or less when you get stressed, do you fear death, how do you handle stress, they will ask about the most stressful period in your life, how you coped with that Have you ever seen psych for any reason before (I have a feeling this is a major question!)? They will ask you about any hospitalizations/over night hospital stays.
    They will ask about fights and domestic violence (another major, i think) If the cops have ever been called to you about you for any reason. They will also ask about alcohol history, how many times to you drink a week? have you ever had a problem with alcohol? Do you ever drink more than you want? How many friends do you have? what do you do for fun? FYI, if you say you don't drink and then answer I go out for beers with my friends, I think that will be a red flag. Then they ask about drug history. marijuana, coke, heroin, pills, etc.Expires in 36 months.

    NYPD Physical Agility Test (JST)

    Basically you get there they give you paper work and then they walk you through the test and show you how to do each obstacle and then you line up for the test. They strap on a bulletproof vest and a 10 lb belt. Even if you are in good shape it will kick you *****. Your legs will burn. Definitely, work your legs if you have time; lunges, squats, stair master, etc. If you are in good shape just keep doing what you are doing, you will pass. Even if you are in **** poor shape, you will probably pass. Just work on getting over a 6’ fence and take the rest slow, you will get through. Must be taken before academy every 6 months.

    Information about meeting with BI:
    Information about Meeting with your Background Investigator.
    APD Forms

    Basically, bring everything with you. There is nothing to be worried about. It’s a no sweat. You get there and basically had over all your APD forms and they quickly review to make sure everything is filled out properly. If you have any speeding tickets or accidents or got fired from a job, they will simply hand you another paper and tell you describe what happened. They do not drill you, they just hand you a piece of paper and you just write down what happened.

    Anyway, I imagine the protocol is the same for arrests, drug use, etc. But my point is, NO WORRIES, its probably the easiest interview you will ever have in your life. There is absolutely no thinking on your feet stuff, there should be no surprises, etc. They are not trying to rattle you. They just collect info.

    Again, bring everything. HS Diploma, College Transcripts, selective service card, ss card, $5 money order, detailed SS earnings statement, birth certificate, drivers license, accident reports, proof of residency, Insurance letter from you drivers insurance stating that there are no pending claims on your policy (just go to you insurance agent and ask her, you should get it that day), utility bill, etc. etc. The only thing that you may need that they don’t tell you is the letter stating no pending claims.Mini medical exam information

    Basically go there and fill out some paperwork and get a drug test.

    1. A pen (black ink)
    2. New York State Drivers License and a Photocopy
    4. Any other pertinent date regarding your character investigation
    5. You MUST know your resident precinct, or the name of the Police Department which covers your home area.

    #3 is tricky some people might need to bring it others don't.. the 75 dollar money order is to redo the fingerprints if they will expire before the class goes in. Fingerprints are valid for a year.

    *** also you should call or go see their investigator before the day of the mini-med. They ask when was the last time you spoke to your investigator if it was by phone or in person.

    Has to be taken before every academy class.

    *Most of this thread has been taken from previous academy threads.* Thanks to Chris R., PoliceSeeker, and other unknown authors for their work. I had a fun time making this thread and excited for all of you January and July 2015 hopefuls. If i have anything wrong, or forgot something send me a PM or just write on here and let me know! I will be making these threads before each academy until myself is in the academy, which looks like some time in 2017. Best of luck, stay out of trouble, and be safe.
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    7 more months... 691910602160022853 (1).jpg
    NYPD Exam 2344 -- 06/2012 || List# 1XXX -- 01/2013
    APD 5: - 5/2014 | Medical: 10/14 - Passed | Written Psych: 10/14 - Completed
    Oral Psych: 11/14 - Passed | BI Meeting: 01/15 - Completed
    JST: 04/15 - Completed | Mini Med: 04/15 - Completed || GOT THE EMAIL! 07/02/15


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      Haha honestly I just went off when police seeker made the january 2015 thread. He did it about a month before the July class. Better early than never!


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        Originally posted by MLNY95 View Post
        Haha honestly I just went off when police seeker made the january 2015 thread. He did it about a month before the July class. Better early than never!
        Well played.
        NYPD Exam 2344 -- 06/2012 || List# 1XXX -- 01/2013
        APD 5: - 5/2014 | Medical: 10/14 - Passed | Written Psych: 10/14 - Completed
        Oral Psych: 11/14 - Passed | BI Meeting: 01/15 - Completed
        JST: 04/15 - Completed | Mini Med: 04/15 - Completed || GOT THE EMAIL! 07/02/15


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          Let's go 3317!!!!!!

          **** is real in the field..! Don't talk about it..!


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            I'm right behind you 3319 hopefully where starting the process next year if not 2016 is ours

            NYC law enforcement hopeful


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              Originally posted by Junior214 View Post
              I'm right behind you 3319 hopefully where starting the process next year if not 2016 is ours

              NYC law enforcement hopeful
              I'm one exam after you. APD-5 should be here This June/July for us and then we'll start Medicals most likely early 2016.


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                I figured 3310 would be possible for Jan 16 . But I'll take July 15 if it happens !


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                  my class didnt even graduated yet.


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                    Originally posted by Ted Williams View Post
                    my class didnt even graduated yet.
                    My class didn't even go in yet....Lol jk
                    NYC Corrections Exam: 2322
                    Academy: March 2015 (Got the call!!) NYCDOC


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                      Originally posted by republicangopmh View Post
                      My class didn't even go in yet....Lol jk
                      you dont answered my texts anymore. i see how it is. lol


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                        As like the January thread:

                        First official rumor for this thread...................................

                        20,000 Recruits for July...jk


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                          Does exam 3309 have a chance?

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                            Originally posted by Nasnyc View Post
                            Does exam 3309 have a chance?

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                            It would seem like it in my opinion. It depends how much of 2344 clear.


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                              That's true what exam are you mlny?

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