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Peace Officer warrant status


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  • Peace Officer warrant status

    This is a spin off from the last couple of posts in the NYC deputy sheriff thread.

    What exactly are the rules about peace officers executing warrants? I know a lot of people say that they can not, but I don't think it is as simple as that.

    I know NYS Court Officers (and court clerks?) can execute certain types of warrants. Also, I know that family court warrants are addressed to any police or peace officer at the top of them.

    Are there any other exceptions?

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    As far as I know, NYS Court Officers are the only peace officers than can execute a warrant, and even then it is limited to a bench warrant, not arrest or search.


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      NYS Dept of Finance Investigators can execute warrants. That provision does not apply to their counterparts in NYC. I will also add, NYS Dept of Finance Investigators require pistol permits to carry, whereas NYC's Investigators can purchase and carry on their credentials like Court and corrections.
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        family warrants.. all can execute.

        Search warrants... police.

        Arrest/bench.. police. Peace officer can if perp committed a chargable offense or violation.

        Ex.. perp john doe jaywalked. Peace officer ran his name and a bench warrant pops... peace officer books him for jay walking.. not for the warrant.
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          State Court Officers can execute Bench Warrants in and around the court they are assigned to. Often a defendant will show in court A and a warrant will drop from court B. I have seen BWs issued to get a defendant from, say Family Court, to a Criminal Court. We do not go out on the streets to bring 'em in, that's up to NYPD.


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            If a person is arrested by a peace officer and the officer finds out there is a warrant, usually an officer assigned to the police room will swear to the warrant so the perp can be arraigned


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