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job prospects...final ultimatum


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  • job prospects...final ultimatum

    So lets just say, I know where I want to end up in my career.
    Like many NY'er's I've taken every civil service exam possible.
    I have been looking into alot of these investigative positions i.e DA'S, DOI etc etc...now the main goal
    is to get a federal LE job, I am just wondering which position you all feel would be better exp for federal LE work. Traditional policing ie...police departments or an investigative position as stated above...

    also if someone can explain the details of the NYC DOI...I am familiar but no pro when it comes to what they do.

    I would like someone to speak from experience, but would also appreciate well thought non-exp opinions

    Thanks again
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    In this day and age when everyone is jumping on the civil service bandwagon, you might have to settle for whoever calls you first and it may not be your dream job.
    Most Fed jobs want a 4 year degree. What would give you a leg up the most is military experience & a foreign language, other then that LE experience is LE experience for the most part.


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      Vast majority of fed police titles are static security.

      Exclusions are us parks, capitol, usbp. Maybe one or two others.

      Years ago I almost ran out of nyc and went to DC metro transit police.

      Dont worry... most of us been there.
      Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


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        Western Texas, Arizona, Baltimore, Florida, west coast, down south all hiring, with some departments paying better or similar to NYPD with cost of living way cheaper. Almost went Arizona myself, family obligation kept me here. 70k base pay as a lateral, take home car within the county, cheap housing with ample public and national parkland for outdoor activities, slightly higher elevation and milder climate then southern arizona, ruger firearms made in next town over. Lake havasu and college women or men whatever you are into was a short drive away.

        If my obligations had been different I'd be there already. A lot of people from the northeast are relocating to Arizona. It's not hard to find a few former yanks.


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          relocation isn't an option. I don't have time to go and take a test and then return for any additional meetings. Assuming it is like the big departments up north where everything is tested on a different date...it just wouldn't make sense...This being said...they look like amazing departments. Plus with all the investments I have made where I am...it would be silly.

          I'm just trying to resume build and get some good experience with both investigative positions and standard LE Police positions.


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