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Desperate is not even the word


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  • Desperate is not even the word

    First off would like to start by saying hello all service men and women. Also, to all the people that can give me advice. Im going to be honest and hopefully you all will be too. 8 years ago when i was 17 i was arrested for disorderly conduct. what happened was a kid and i were having issues and for some reason he threw something at me ( at the time i was fat, had glasses and was easy to be made fun of) i threw it back at him. i missed and hit a car which the owner called the police and was arrested. i plead guilty paid my restitution and did my community service. I also have 3 tickets that i have paid for. 1 was speeding to my final i know not a reason to but i was really stressing it. The other two were wrong left turns. Will this DQ me? I really want to know your opinion of it. Please and thank you.

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    Also i did get my apd-5 and plan on saying all this. i have nothing to hide i want to be honest about everything. Also, show them that is not my behavior or my morals


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      Don't stress it. No one on here can tell you what will happen. Just explain the situation to your bi once assigned and they will take everything into consideration.
      I think you'll probably be fine, but again my opinion didn't mean anything.
      Good luck.

      Ps, i had more than 13 tickets and am ready for hire if that helps you feel better


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        You should be ok.
        Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


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