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Question for NY Troopers, police officers and sheriffs


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  • Question for NY Troopers, police officers and sheriffs

    After pulling someone over and you run their license and/or their plate number. Does information come back that they have a concealed carry license? Reason I'm asking is if it does and I get pulled over I would like to tell the officer that I have a CCL and whether I am carrying or not before you run my info. Your safety is just important to me as my own safety. I do not need your stress level rising if it does come back telling you that I have a CCL.

    It did happen to me I was pulled over Saturday by a State Trooper for speeding. 70 in a 55, my windows are tinted as well. When the officer came up I had my car off windows down and hands on the steering wheel. After he asked for my info. I showed him my CCL and told him I was not currently carrying. I was not sure if my CCL would show up. I just took it upon myself to let him know. Honesty is as important as respect. The Trooper was real nice about everything he even gave me a break on my speed knocked it down to a 65 in a 55 saving me points and he did not cite me for the tint which was at 30%. I have an appointment in 2weeks to have the 30% removed and get the legal 70% installed.

    Any comment on this subject is appreciated.

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    It shows up in SCMODS.


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