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  • NYS Revenue Crimes Specialist

    Can anyone tell me more about the duties and responsibilities of these Investigators? Do they investigate only tax fraud or other crimes? From what I rather they are Peace Officers; so is their academy locally or Albany?

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    This was posted by a user named EWhyPeeDee in the form " *HIRING* 2014 NYS Court Officer exam":

    "One of my good friends works for Tax and Finance. Their civil service title is Revenue Crimes Specialist but their ID cards say Criminal Investigator. He attended the NYS Park Police Academy. He is assigned to a federal task force and gets a take-home car and has federal credentials as he is a task force officer. The CPL was never updated so they have a line in section 1.20 as a police officer and 2.10 as a peace officer, but all attend a police academy and are certified as such."

    Hope that helps...


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      They are peace officers under NY, CPL 2.10, and must meet those qualifications, which are less than for Police Officer. That said, section 1.20 of the NY CPL gives them Police status for the sole purpose of executing Warrants. Also, unlike their NYC counterparts (also peace officers) they are issued firearms and carry firearms with a pistol permit. Investigators for the NYC Dept of Taxation and Finance carry on their Creds like NyS Court Officers, correction and NYC Correction.

      Bottom line, it's a good job if you want to do only investigations with no patrol component. If you want to be a police officer with broader powers and career opportunities, I suggest you hold out for a state or local police job.
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        They took the white plains investigators take home cars away. Heard it's statewide now.

        Yes, they are 1.20 and 2.10.

        Shields look like lieutenant shields and have bi fold credentials like the FBI. Great group of people. Most are miserable. Few nypd OCCB supervisors took it as a retirement gig and get paid pretty well.
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          I interviewed with them in the past. I was told during my interview that they experience a lot of turnover. Apparently, a lot of the people in this position are young and leave to join local/state police departments. They never contacted me to let me know that I did not get the position and left me waiting, which is unprofessional, in my opinion. Things worked out for the best anyway.


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            So if you're a peace officer at one department and you get hired as a Revenue Crimes Specialist, do you need to go through their academy or just qualify with their weapons?


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              Is there an upcoming exam for this title?


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