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CCP in nassau?


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  • CCP in nassau?

    as a civilian what is the likely hood of someone getting a CCP in nassau?
    according to all the info i found if you get a permit it will initially be full then be restricted to either a house permit, or target permit. and they only allow full ccp to people who own a business or carry a large sum of money

    does anyone know if military experience will have any influence or anything?

    honestly anyone with any input would be appreciated.
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    In Nassau County, unrestricted pistol license is issued to retired LEOs and very limited number of folks who can show the need for it. Business carry is not a full carry as it is still a restriction (business carry is allows one to carry a pistol while conducting or course of your business) and must show some sort of proof that either you regularly deposit or deal with large sum of money/valuables or in a profession that is considered high risk.
    You being in military (unless you have a dishonorable discharge) will not play a role in whether you get your pistol license or not.
    Process is that you will be required to fill in application, provide your references, finger print cards. NCPD will then conduct investigation (State/FBI criminal background check) and a mental health check with the state.


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      Its all administrative, meaning you can't be charged or collared, but they can revoke your permit if you carry on a restricted type of permit. I heard only 19 non retired LE have full carry permits in Nassau. I'm guessing half of those are on Eddie boys staff. Best to wait till you get otj or if you have the money apply for a full carry permit, then when they decline file a lawsuit for them violating your 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Anyway, if you get a permit now the job's just going to make you give up your permit and voucher your guns till you graduate.


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