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New Federal LE Opportunity .....!!! Trying help out !!!


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  • New Federal LE Opportunity .....!!! Trying help out !!!

    Follow the link and get on this ASAP from 06/19/14 - 06/23/14 End at 12 AM...
    The United States Postal Inspection Service protects the U.S. Postal Service and enforces the law that ensure public safety within the nation's mail system.

    Exam: 8329 List: 5$#

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    Feel free to take this exam, but it's complete BS.

    Postal Inspectors are a dying breed of LE officers. I spoke to a few last year down in Washington D.C. who were at a "hiring" tent. They were straight with me and told me they have a very little amount of officers left, and IF they ever higher again, it will be a very small amount. They are an agency which will soon be gone thanks to technology. Really won't be much of a need for them anymore. They are required by law to always have an active list of applicants. But don't let that fool you.

    But if you want to waste your time and your money... by all means. Just giving you all a heads up.
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      Their job will forever stay. People send drugs and use the mail system for a wide variety of things.

      Their law enforcement mission and capabilities are very broad.

      Probably one of the best trained group as well. Lots of toys and training.
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        They have downsized since the creation of the postal OIG, but they still keep themselves pretty busy. It's entirely to build cases where mail is involved without using postal inspectors, but their involvement really makes it much easier.

        Technology may have phased out some portions of their job, and the USPS in general is in bad fiscal shape, but I don't see the Postal Inspectors going away any time soon.


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