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NYPD Orientation, Academy pre-preperation & tips for Dummies (ver.July'13)


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  • NYPD Orientation, Academy pre-preperation & tips for Dummies (ver.July'13)

    Pre-Orientation preparation:

    Have fun and celebrate. Get a haircut, sleep and have plenty of rest. You don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who fell asleep on 1st day of orientation and were forced to resign. It has happened and it will. Try a dry run to an orientation site if you are not familiar with the location and perform a pre-maintenance for your vehicle if you are driving. DO NOT BE LATE- you will be asked to leave. First impression goes a long way.

    Day 1 -Orientation

    Required items to bring:

    1. Photo I.D
    2. Money Orders-$9.00 and $3.27. (U.S Postal money orders ONLY, no exceptions. If you happened to get called at last minute, go to USPS office located at Manhattan, which opens until late night.
      Address: 421 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001. (212) 330-3296
    3. Two ball point pens (black ink only)
    4. Clipboard for writing (one that has storage/compartment is highly recommended)

    If the Orientation takes place at Queens College, Colden Auditorium. I spoke to the security personnel and parking is going to be an extremely rare commodity. They're going to block a lot of them for the MOS parking. Keep that in mind. Mass transit is definitely recommended. They told me even the students get there way early to find spots. I saw potential parking area around Melbourne Ave. They told me that fields 5 &14 are available for public parking. Either way, get there early if you are driving.

    **We CAN bring a bag to orientation and that it may be helpful with all the "stuff" we get at orientation. However, IT MUST BE A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ATTIRE STYLE BAG; black leather shoulder or briefcase style, no backpacks or similar style permitted.


    • Shave in the morning before you show up. 5 o’clock shadow is absolutely not allowed.

    • Don’t fall asleep. The hell will break loose if you do. Wake your buddies up. Hydrate- drink water but don’t drink too much to the point where you need to use restroom for every 5 minutes. Keep in mind that you only get limited restroom breaks.

    • Don’t forget to eat breakfast and bring a small snack like a powerbar or similar kind. Although you will get plenty of breaks in between, you will not be released for lunch meal.

    • You will go through a metal detector before entering inside the building. Leave your metal stuff at home- that includes your earrings.

    • If you are going to put anyone on your medical, make sure that you have all of their info ready, ie. SS# and D.O.B

    • You will be given an option to take a voucher for the equipment allowance on an orientation day. Take it! You can use this perk along with separate loan they provide. It is a no brainer.

    Day 2 ~3 Orientation

    Required items to bring:

    1. Passport photos (x6)
    2. The blue/yellow paper with the photo stapled/glued to it (name and tax #'s written on back)
    3. Recruit handbook
    4. #2 pencil
    5. The yellow entrance slip that they give us
    6. Clipboard and black pens
    7. The big envelope without sticker on it that has all the small cards in it

    On first day of orientation, they will issue ID holder and yellow and blue card where you can attach your passport picture on it. The colored cards will be too big to fit in the ID card holder and your passport picture will be too big to fit on the colored cards. (The space given to tape it on is 1 inch by 1 inch and passport photos are 2 inch by 2 inch). You may cut and trim the passport photos to fit on the blue ID card. Make sure all of your info has your NAME, COMPANY # AND TAX NUMBER. Yes, this career requires a little arts and crafts skill. Just don't make it look like a second grade hack job and more importantly, use a common sense.


    • Here is the link for $2.00 off print out coupon on passport photos for CVS

    • Take passport photos in suit only and get a neat haircut using NYPD guidelines. If not, instructors will yell at you, “ROCK STAR YOU WANNA GO UNDERCOVER ALREADY??!!” True story.

    • On the last day of Orientation, you will be assigned to a company that will be your ‘Battle buddies’ for rest of the academy, if not, rest of your career. Work each other, bond each other and respect each other.

    • Company Sergeants will also be selected, and if you are chosen, your primary duty is to take care of your fellow company buddies and lead them to right direction under the direct supervision of instructors. If you have military/police experience, you know you will become one. But be prepared- it is nothing but a headache and the most hated position at the academy.
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    NYPD Orientation, Academy pre-preperation & tips for Dummies (ver.July'13)

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    Day 1- Academy

    235 East 20th Street.
    The academy is on East 20th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.
    If you're driving/carpooling to PA, there’s a garage on 22nd between 2nd and 1st Ave.

    Required items to bring:

    1. 3 inch, 3 ring binders (x4)
    2. Black Pens (x2)
    3. Red Pens (x2)
    4. Pencils (x2)
    5. Black Marker
    6. Highlighter
    7. Medium to Large Neutral Colored Duffel Bag (no logo, logo can be taped)
    8. COMBINATION LOCK (No Key Hole, No Serial #) w/ Surname and Co. # Written On Back using a label. CVS has its own master style combination lock called “Caliber”
    9. Crew Neck, White T-Shirt w/ Surname and Co. # Written in Dark Blue or Black Marker on Front and Back at chest Level.
    10. Navy Blue Nylon Mesh Gym Shorts w/ No Pockets and no logo
    11. White Ankle Socks
    12. Shower Gear (Soap, Towel etc.)
    13. White Running Shoes w/ Logo Removed
    14. Jock Strap
    15. RDU Location Card w/ Photo and Vehicle Registration Info Filled Out
    16. Copy of License, Registration and Insurance Card
    17. Rest of passport photos

    We are to bring our gym gear on this day. White crew neck T-shirt with your name and company written on the chest area front and back in 2 inch black block lettering, (it’s always written year and then company, ex. 13-01. So when you write on your gym clothes its last name and then 13-xx) Navy Blue shorts (no pockets, above the knees), white ankle socks, and sneakers (predominantly white or grey in color with white laces. It CAN have some colors but don’t go too crazy)


    • Be prepared to wear business suits for about 3 weeks until we get our official grey recruit uniform. Purchase additional shirts.

    • You have to have your entire gears every day. (Includes the blue snow cap and sweatpants, even if it’s 100 degrees out). They will pull your card away if you miss any of the items during inspection.

    • Label everything. Bring labels with your name on them and have them in your pocket at all times in case a label falls off. Make sure your flashlight works and is labeled, as they love to inspect for that. But don't do what some people do and write your name/tax on your gear where it's visible when wearing it. People can see that stuff. Any piece of paper you are given put your name, roster #, tax number and company number on.

    • If you have tatoos on your body that are exposed when wearing Uniforms, you MUST wear long sleeve. No exceptions.

    Cop shops- Uniform/Gym attire recommendations:

    “My favorite buff shop is Atlantic in Woodside. Huge store and selections and great staffs. Beats Juniors, RK, Brothers and World of Uniforms any day. Don't cheap out; you'll need a bunch of shirts. You'll go through two a day, so unless you feel like doing laundry twice a week just get a decent package. It will be worth it.. I recommend Atlantic Tactical for every bit of gear, uniforms and equipment you need.”

    “Parks Uniforms in Brooklyn was where I got my dress uniform. I was very happy with the work they did. For your regular blues, Brothers (Bronx & LI) & Atlantic Tactical (Queens) are all good spots. Get the Blauer if you can afford it”

    “I got my gym attire in Manhattan – Juniors, 211 east 21st St. between 2nd and 3rd. It was just convenient since it was around the corner from the PA and they did match everybody else’s fliers. Also, if they try to upsell you the laser printing on the shirt, you don't need it. The iron on type that they have is just fine”

    “Cop Shop in Massapequa is good for the gym uniforms. The stuff lasted and was one of the cheaper packages and they give you the water bottle and the recruit wallet”

    "I've been to almost every single cop shop in the 5 boros, and have almost a dozen extra shirts and pants I now use as cleaning rags because they are so chitty. I only go to Brother's Uniform (One in the Bronx & on LI) and the other is Atlantic Tactical...great group of guys and the only cop shop run by retired cops. Their store is in Queens and though they have a website, I would buy in-house at the store since those prices are better (not just in comparison to the website, but in general when compared to the other shops)."

    “For the love of god, don't use RK Uniforms for your gym stuff or class A's, just trust me unless you like unneeded headaches. Do yourselves a favor and only go to Brother's or Atlantic Tactical...all the others suck.”


    Top pick: Atlantic Tactical
    Bottom pick: RK Uniforms
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    NYPD Orientation, Academy pre-preperation & tips for Dummies (ver.July'13)


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      Miscellaneous Q&A for Dummies:

      Q: Where do we have to mail a voided check and the print out sheet for direct deposit?
      New York City Police Department
      1 Police Plaza
      New York, NY 10038
      ATTN: Central Payroll (Direct Deposit Enrollment)

      You can also do it via NYCAPS, you can do it via their site:

      You can view absolutely everything regarding payroll, including your paystub at midnight every other Thursday. Click on "Need Help Logging In" to get access for the first time. Your "employee-ID" is your reference number, located in one of the boxes on all your paystubs. Memorize it, too. You'll need it for OT slips.

      Q: Could you explain more about our pension?
      The details (for now) for the tier all new hires are:
      • In 22 year retires with 50% pension
      • 25 years retire and get a COLA adjustment that starts the year you retire (Tier II makes you wait until 62)
      • NO ITHP/ 50% indicator
      • You still get the VSA or variable supplement adjustment ($12k a year for life)
      • With the retirement benefits offered by the city in the civilian world I would have to have a 401k with approx. 2-3 million saved to get the same income benefit.

      Q: How much do we get paid after tax?
      Our academy salary will be $44,744. It will be average between 1000~1100 after tax, bi-weekly. Not everyone’s paycheck will be exactly the same due to medical, dependents, etc.

      Q: I need to renew my car insurance during academy. Should I report this?
      Yes, when you renew your car insurance, make sure that provide the updated paperwork to RDU (Recruit Discipline Unit).

      Q: Can I choose day or night tour during academy?
      NO. However, if you have a valid excuse that prevents you from being on certain tour, don’t be afraid to bring it up to instructors.

      Q: I am going to put leave of absence from my old job instead of resigning because I’d like to have some back up plan just in case something goes wrong during the academy.
      No, you MUST resign from previous job and give them no intention to come back. APD will call your old job to make sure that you left the job for good.

      Q: I understand that we will be choosing between three handguns of choice. Which one should I get?
      NYPD officers are allowed to select one of three 9mm service pistols: the Sig Sauer P226 DAO, Smith & Wesson Model 5946 DAO, and Glock 19. I can tell you that Glock is the most popular choice, followed by S&W. Remember, whatever fits your hand is the best pistol for YOU. Don’t listen to anyone else.

      Q: What are the best tips for academy?
      • Don't dog it in the gym or you'll know you did months later.. You definitely get out what you put in
      • Know that everything comes w time don't ride on the rumor wheel
      • Take the important training seriously: RANGE, scenarios, >> EDPs << etc..
      • Remember, It’s all about the games. Play the game or get out.
      • Don’t wipe your sweat off from your head during gym activity- try and you will find out.

      Q: I’ve heard that some recruits are given dream sheets. What is it for and how does it work?
      Dream sheet myth: if you are Co. Sgt. or score a top 10% academically or receives physical fitness, firearm precision awards, you will be given a dream sheet, which will able you to pick a command of your choice after graduation.
      FACT: NO ONE, I mean NO ONE got what they wanted at the end. This is thing of a past- so don’t get so excited if you have given one.

      Q: I understand that we will be given lots of materials to study. Are there any notes from previous class?
      Here you go...Start studying. This will come in very handy during trimester test times.

      ** Please note that these notes are from the Jan 2008 class (Company 08-21). P.G. procedures are always being revised, and the legislature often changes laws. If you're going to use these notes be sure to compare the info with the info you're going to be taught at the academy.
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      NYPD Orientation, Academy pre-preperation & tips for Dummies (ver.July'13)


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        *Please note that these posts have been verified by OTJ officers and currently up-to-date. None of these information are containing my own personal opinion or rumor from 3rd person. These information are collected from three previous academy threads and contains tips/quotes from officers that are currently OTJ.

        NYPD Orientation, Academy pre-preperation & tips for Dummies (ver.July'13)


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          I read all of it in July thread. Good stuff. Thanx for taking your time to put this "masterpiece" together. Good work, sir !!!
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          APD-5: submitted
          Initial Medical: done
          Social Media: done
          Written Psych: done
          Oral Psych: done
          BI: done
          JST: done

          Patiently awaiting that dream job !!!
          Courtesy Professionalism ​Respect

          NYPD from A to Z ( click on the link below)
          Always remembered ...

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            Wow, alot of stuff. They must be picky lol
            5 Years


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              Don't get the MCU Loan unless you absolutely can't make it the 2 weeks (i think) until your first check.

              Don't ask 101 questions about every little thing and don't anticipate or skip ahead on forms. The academy has been doing this a while now, they WILL instruct you on how to do everything.

              Take yourself seriously. It's like High School version 2.0, so if you clown around (which is easy to do) and dog tactics/PT/exercises/studying, your only hurting yourself. You'll regret it when your fighting an average size, psychotic EDP who is able to muscle you and 3 of your colleagues and shell out line of duty injuries like its Christmas.
              "There's only two kinds of people who walk slow in this city... Us and them."

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                Wow, very impressive post. Well constructed, your reports will be well written. Enjoy the call that you'll be receiving. Good luck being Co. SGT JP!


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                  Wow this is very helpful.
                  Exams Taken:
                  NYPD, NYPDSSA ,NYPDTEA NYCDEP, NYCDOC ,NYCDOS Enforcement, PAPD ,NYSDOC, NYPD dispatcher, NCPD, NYS Trooper, NYS University Police (downstate/upstate), Monroe County PD, Chenango Sheriff, Rochester PD, YPD ,OC Sheriff.

                  In Process:
                  NYPDPC Exam 2214
                  APD5- Complete
                  Medical- Complete

                  JST- 11/20/2013
                  Oral/Psyc- 11/27/2013
                  Mini Med - ?


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                    this is awesome, we should get a mod to sticky this.


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                      Cop shop suggestions. Promark on LI south shore. Since graduation I've gotten everything I need there minus stuff for my current assignment. Great people customer service and knowledge.


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                        Bump for those who waiting for the call.

                        NYPD Orientation, Academy pre-preperation & tips for Dummies (ver.July'13)


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                          Anyone know the estimated time when "the calls" are supposed to start going out?


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                            Should be Friday starting at 8am if they start on time.


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                              Originally posted by CrazyMadness View Post
                              Should be Friday starting at 8am if they start on time.
                              Thanks for the quick response.

                              And they continue to call right up until the night before the start date right?
                              Do you know when the academy is supposed to start?


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