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    I have always wanted to work in law enforcement investigating various computer crimes / digital forensics and have a few questions regarding the NYPD Computer Crimes Squad if anyone has any info. I got my degree in IT with a concentration in computer forensics. What is the average time you have to do on the road before you can apply to a unit like the NYPD computer crimes squad? Do you have to make detective first? Do you have to take an exam? Do they look at your background before selecting? And how big is this department in the NYPD? Is it all about who you know and your chances are slim? Any advice will help, thanks.

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      Your background is considered. No exam required but for specialized units within the Department you must apply and compete with other UMOS like you would for any other job. Not sure about the size of the squad but I know that with your skills you would likely be looked at for many units outside of computer crimes. (Real Time Crime Center, Intelligence Division, Counter Terrorism) Additionally, you can't be on probation (2 years for us) to apply to most specialized units and your performance evaluations are considered. Some units have longer time in service requirements (Highway Patrol I think is 5 years for example...) Hope that helps. And yes, knowing someone is sometimes the answer unfortunately.


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        To be honest, I think there are only about 8 detectives in the Computer Crime Squad.


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          5 years to even be eligible. There's probably over a hundred people with your education and more competing for a single spot. When gunning for a specific unit you can't (or shouldn't) be surprised if you work your whole career and don't make it.


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