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Ticket Fixer Not Such a Bad Guy

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  • Ticket Fixer Not Such a Bad Guy

    One of the 16 officers indicted in the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal helped organize a dream-come-true visit to Yankee Stadium for another cop and his seriously ill son.

    The visit came three months before PBA trustee Joseph Anthony was heard on a wiretap discussing quashing a ticket for a Yankee exec.

    Officer Herbert Oquendo, whose son, Jared, suffers from an inoperable brain tumor, had been asking other cops about getting tickets to a ball game. Word got back to Anthony, who set up the visit in May 2010.

    Jared, now 9, got to walk on the field and hang out in the locker room with his favorite player, Derek Jeter.

    “To this day, he still talks about that day and smiles,” Oquendo told The Post. “That’s one of the greatest days of his life.”

    Oquendo, a 19-year NYPD veteran, said Anthony “just helped another cop. That’s what cops do, they help other cops. I could never repay [him] for what he did for my son.”

    Last week, when Jared saw that Anthony was charged in the scandal, he told his dad to take his $300 to help bail him out.

    Oquendo was not involved in the ticket-fixing probe.

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    This is a sad situation. Sometimes good guys do bad things and sometimes bad guys do good things. It's not always up to us to determine which guys are which but we still have to distinguish between right and wrong without making special accommodations.


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      I don't know enough about this by choice (story) to make a judgment so I can't really voice an opinon. But if this is just fixing a ticket for family or friends then who cares? It's been going on forever across the country.

      But again I don't know the story, I don't know if money was being exchanged for favors etc. (This is not something I would support)

      There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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        this whole "ticket scandal" is such a travesty. With the ensuing multi-year trial that will hopefully cost the city tens of millions of dollars will hopefully drag all the white shirts, politicians and the clergy into it. They want to criminalize a courtesy and lay it all on police officers, well, the city has something else coming. A lot of things will be made public and people's political careers will unravel.


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          Every day I read about this, it sickens me. This was merely a professional courtesy, nothing criminal about it. The only comfort is that no other DA is willing to touch this issue. I guess the Bronx DA figures he won't have to deal with as many cases if the Bronx stops collaring in protest. Lord knows they DP enough cases as it is so perhaps this is an extension of that strategy.

          This department actually believes the BS it preaches about us being "held to a higher standard because so much is expected of us". I guess they forgot that even cops are human.


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