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Gov agrees to new contract for NYS police agencies.


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  • Gov agrees to new contract for NYS police agencies.

    Any MOS in this bargaining unit care to share how the members feel about this. Personally, I don't feel compelled to vote yes.

    The agreement covers the Agency Law Enforcement Services unit of Council 82. The unit includes SUNY police, Park Police, and Department of Environmental Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers and covers 1160 employees.

    Wage modifications:Retroactive raise details:

    2005/6: 2 1/4%
    2006/7: 2 3/4%
    2007/8: 3%
    2009/9: 3%
    2009/10: 3%
    2010/11: 4%
    2011/12: 0%
    2012/13: 0%
    2013/14: 0%

    Plus eliminating performance advances ("step increases").

    Union says the raises shall be applied to longevity, clothing maintenance pay, clothing allowance pay, security enforcement differential, location pay, supplemental location pay, and inconvenience pay. In addition, effective March 31, 2007, expanded duty pay will be increased to $2,675, up from $2,575.

    Where is the raise on the BASE PAY?
    Retroactive Wage Settlement Identical to CSEA and PEF:

    Council 82 has been without a contract since 2005 and is currently in arbitration with the State. The agreement provides Council 82 members with a wage agreement identical to that received by CSEA and PEF for the same prior period.
    Health Insurance Premium Contribution

    The agreement will increase the employee contribution for health care premiums. Individual members' share of health care expenses will increase from 10 percent to 20 percent. Employees electing family coverage will pay 35 percent of the share of dependent health care costs, an increase from 25 percent.

    Health Care Benefit Redesign

    Employees will be encouraged to use outpatient hospital services. A co-pay will be charged for in-patient services.
    Co-pays will be introduced for in-network emergency room visits, radiological and lab work and other hospital services.
    Medical visit co-pays will be increased but there will be no deductible for in-network services.
    Employees will be encouraged to use less expensive mail order prescription drug refills.

    Sick Leave Credit

    Reduce amount of unused sick leave which can be credited toward reducing health care insurance premiums in retirement.

    Overtime compensation would exclude sick days from accrual of time worked for purposes of qualifying for overtime compensation.

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    it is complete garbage, all the troops are rallying, will be doing our best to vote this piece of garbage down!


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      Originally posted by EXNYPD View Post
      it is complete garbage, all the troops are rallying, will be doing our best to vote this piece of garbage down!
      I agree 100%. We were all blind-sided by this horrible excuse for a contract by our own union, which is now trying to force this down our throats. Not only is the goal to vote this thing down, but also free ourselves from Council 82 through decertification, and instead form a new union that can once and for all have our members best interests at heart. Don't give in to the media portrayal of a) that our members accept this contract or b) that it does even an ounce of good for us. It's a net loss thousands of times over when you do the numbers for the life of your career. PEF and CSEA also said they would not accept this contract if it was offered to them.
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        Just my two cents, (my title is going through something similar) vote no on this. Always better to remain out of contract than sign a bs one that offers nothing to the members. This city will soon realize that in the long run, these games they are playing will actually cost them much, much more. I see many, many lawsuits against the city in the near future. Its a shame things come down to this.


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