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A few question about becoming NYS Trooper.


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  • A few question about becoming NYS Trooper.

    1.) I know you either need an associates or bachelors degree in order to become a NYS Trooper. Is it possible to receive an associates degree on and will an online degree be accepted?

    2.) Upon reading the NYS Trooper website I seen that there is a possibility of getting 30 credits waived for certain things. One of things listed were the completion of Certified Police Officer Training Course. Is this course only for police officers or can it be for someone wanting to enter the law enforcement field?

    3.) How flexible are the hours of a NYS Trooper? I don't want to say "unfortunately" because I love taking care nephew (have custody). He has a disability and at times has tons of appointments which usually books me for during the day time. I would be more available during for night-shift, would this be a problem?

    4.) Does anyone have any advice and/tips for becoming a NYS Trooper?

    -Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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    Pretty sure they assign you the shift duty and youll just have to deal with it... but I'll leave the answer to a more knowledgeable person.
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      1. You need 60 college credits, not necessarily an associate's. It can be from an online school as long as it's accredited, as far as I know. Thirty credits can be waived if you have at least 2 years active duty military service with an honorable discharge.
      2. The course is question is when people pay to put themselves through a police academy, (Pre-employment) and then apply to departments either during the academy or after. But if you're going that route, you might as well apply to a local or county department.
      3. They will put you where they need you. Their tours are 6am to 6pm and 6pm to 6am. I suppose you could always apply for a hardship, but don't expect any special treatment.
      4. Be patient, me and virtually every other cop I know applied to be Troopers as some point. I had a friend who told me that he wanted Troopers or nothing, and I told him to be flexible. Local/county/federal departments are just as good if not better, depending on what you want to do.


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        There test is about every 4 years

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