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14 dead in grisly NYC tour bus accident, 18 others badly injured


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  • 14 dead in grisly NYC tour bus accident, 18 others badly injured

    14 die in grisly N.Y.C. tour bus accident - CBS Evening News - CBS News

    NEW YORK - The crash of a bus carrying casino patrons on the outskirts of New York City killed at least 14 people Saturday.

    CBS News correspondent Jay Dow reports that veteran New York City police officers called it the most horrific accident they've ever seen.

    The mangled tour bus - packed with passengers returning from a Connecticut casino lost control as it avoided a tractor trailer at the New York City border, headed for Chinatown in Lower Manhattan.

    "In an effort to avoid that activity, the bus driver swerves all over to the right, he strikes the guardrail (and) the bus goes down along the guardrail," said NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

    The tractor trailer driver kept going. Meanwhile the tour bus eventually rolled onto its right side. Its roof was sheared off by an exit sign pole.

    Thirteen people died at the site of the accident in what firefighters called a gruesome scene. At least one other person died later at hospital from injuries.

    Police are now questioning the tractor trailer driver who allegedly cut off the bus, causing it to roll onto its right side. The truck driver never stopped.

    The other 18 bus passengers and the bus driver all suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital.

    "A majority of the occupants of the bus got pushed forward into the bus - to the forward third of the bus, including some of the fatalities," said New York Fire Department Chief Edward Kilduff.

    The New York City Fire Department told CBS News that the bus crashed just before 6:00 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-95. Southbound traffic along I-95 was stopped for hours in order to begin the accident investigation, which will include federal assistance from the NTSB.

    Chung Ninh, 59, told The New York Times and NY1 News that he had been asleep in his seat, then suddenly found himself hanging upside down from his seat belt, surrounded by the dead and screaming, according to the Associated Press. One man bled from a severed arm.

    He said when he tried to help one bloodied woman, the driver told him to stop, because she was dead, the AP reports. "Forget this one. Help another one," he said.

    Ninh said he and other passengers who were able climbed out through a skylight, the AP reports.

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    Other witnesses are reporting that the driver of the bus may have fallen asleep at the wheel.


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      I pray for everyone involved and for their families. Truly a sad story that will affect many (family) for years to come.

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        Wow, looks like that pole did most of the killing, with the bus sliding into it the way it did. Horrific.


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          Originally posted by Dinosaur32 View Post
          Other witnesses are reporting that the driver of the bus may have fallen asleep at the wheel.
          dunno if that was true but the driver stated how he was cut off by a tractor trailer


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            It appears the "tractor-trailer" version of the story is not holding water with some of the investigators. It is begining to look like he may have dozed off.


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              ^That seems more believable to me than the cutting off by the tractor trailer...but who knows....I asked some guys at the interfaith memorial service today who are from the 5th pct auxiliary unit and they said some of them went to the hospital to help translate for the investigation.
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                "he dozed off" statements from some of the riders. one homeless man stated that they were awaken because they were riding on and off the gravel
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