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ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement position opening

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  • ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement position opening

    For those of you who might be interested in the field of Humane Law Enforcement position or get your feet wet, this would be a good opportunity.
    It is a Peace Officer W/firearm position and looks like they are hiring 2 new officers.

    Good luck!

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    Hey thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it. I sent my resume and cover letter off to them. Fingers crossed


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      This has got to be a tough job. To see the suffering/cruelty day in and day out, cannot be easy.


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        Good luck to those that apply who don't have prior LEO experience. From what I read in the past about this position, they would rather hire those with time on the job.
        Baltimore, where the police are the perps and the perps are the victims


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          what the starting salary???


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            It's a great job. My respect goes out to those who speak for those who can't speak.
            Free Deke O'Mally!!!


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              Originally posted by LEO2010 View Post
              what the starting salary???
              Not sure what it is now, but here is an older thread about it:

              Baltimore, where the police are the perps and the perps are the victims


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                definitely a great job, my p.d called out aspca police in NJ on a few dog calls. very tough to see the cruelty no doubt about it. I applaud these officers and the way they help animals!
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                  Originally posted by jb5722
                  is anyone on here knowledgeable about the ASPCA in ny state, specifically the organizations in the NYC and surrounding counties area. i'm looking to verify a claim that were made to me regarding being a volunteer sworn leo with ASPCA (with no prior leo experience). If anyone would be able to help me out with this I would very much appreciate a PM.

                  ASPCA has law enforcement authority in NYC. The NYC ASPCA office is the only one with actual law enforcement officers. All other ASPCA chapters do not have any law enforcement officers, they merely function as shelters/clinics and whatnot. In NY, some local SPCA's have volunteer investigators. NYS CPL does give them authority to be peace officers so yes, some local SPCA’s do have volunteer peace officers. Just a FYI, they do not qualify under LEOSA because they are not employed by a municipality.. they work for the SPCA which is usually a non-profit.

                  The ASPCA does not have volunteer law enforcement. Their officers are all paid. If your “friend” is telling you he is a volunteer officer with the ASPCA, I would be suspicious of his claims.. He could very well be a volunteer with a county SPCA but you asked specifically about the ASPCA.

                  ASPCA is different then a local SPCA. Google it if you want to.
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                    Rockland has HLE Agents.


                    New York State has delegated to HVHS, as a duly incorporated Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the statutory authority to appoint agents to enforce the State's anti-cruelty laws. Each agent must complete NYS mandated peace officer training, which includes police firearms instruction and classroom instruction in NYS substantive criminal law and criminal procedure. Two HVHS agents are instructors certified by the NYS Bureau of Municipal Police to provide in-service training for peace officers. Currently, HVHS has six Humane Agents, all of whom are residents of Rockland County. Humane Agents are volunteers who serve without compensation.

                    * Investigate Animal Abuse and Neglect

                    Humane Agents investigate citizen-complaints of suspected cruelty or neglect. HVHS receives such calls daily. Complaints are investigated and appropriate action taken. Humane Agents can issue summonses and make arrests, but more often resolve the problem by convincing an animal's owner to voluntarily modify his behavior. Agents may seize an animal in imminent danger or may apply to a court for a search warrant or seizure order. In addition to complaints from concerned citizens, HVHS receives complaints from police and other government agencies, such as local health and building inspectors, and adult or child protection agencies. HVHS maintains a list of potential "problem" locations in Rockland County that its agents monitor regularly.

                    * Humane Education

                    HLE agents have conducted an in service training course on NYS animal protection laws at the Rockland County Police Academy. HLE currently provides the same training course to all cadets at the Police Academy. HLE provides speakers to government agencies and civic groups on humane law enforcement.



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                      ASPCA has its jurisdiction within 5 boros of NYC. Each county can have one chartered SPCA in their counties. Some SPCA's don't have LE division, but some do. Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Schnectady, Putnam, Rockland and few other counties do have sworn peace officers. SPCA is not-for-profit organization, therefor not covered by the HR218, which it is also same for the ASPCA officers (as they are peace officers hired by the non-profit corporation).
                      ASPCA has full time sworn peace officers who are paid. Other county SPCAs have volunteers running organizations, including LE side.

                      Difference between ASPCA and your local county SPCA...... just the name and area of operation. Many people just call their SPCA the ASPCA because ASPCA has the name recognition (just like you call tissue Klinex or beach - chlorox).


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