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Reasons for medical, investigation, psychologist review


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  • Reasons for medical, investigation, psychologist review

    I am new in this forum i have read alot of people always writing about how they are on review and then weren't accepted into the job. This post is to let people know reasons. I think that new recruit should know why others are put into reviews so that if they are going threw the same situation they could make another decision for there future.

    No hard feeling for people that weren't acepted into nypd this is just for info....

    Reasons'' arrest.summons. Medication. Broken bones...........let us know....

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    For one thing, most that are not accepted for the job will not be on the forums. And it's a toss up if the candidate wants to reveal if he/she wants to say why they are on review. It's kind of a personal question that your asking them. Anyone can be on review for a variety of reasons. Check out the frequently asked questions on
    NYPD Exam # 8305: (07.31.08)

    * Medical: (10.27.08)
    * Mini Medical: (10.27.08), (5.21.10), (2.23.11), (6.10.11)
    * Meet with BI: Done (11.09.08)
    * Written psychological: Done (1.23.09)
    * Oral psychological: (1.27.09)
    * JST: 3 min. 5 sec. (4.2.09), 3 min. 13 sec. (5.22.10), 3 min. 10 sec. (4.30.11)
    * Medical: (2.23.11)

    Got the call at 5:03pm on July 2nd, 2011.

    July Academy


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      its a nice idea what you have on listing reasons why u were DQ or put on review but their is a problem. every case is different but you might get DQ or a review if you have had a domestic violence case, you have negative character issues, fail to meet phychological standards, felony conviction, dishonorable discharge from military or your civilian job just to name a few, but again every case differs.


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