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Off-Duty CBP Officer shot and killed in Queens.


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  • Off-Duty CBP Officer shot and killed in Queens.

    I just want to post this up as a memorium of my friend Maurice. He worked for CBP for about 3 years and we knew each other for about 8. He was a GREAT guy with a BIG HEART. I remember when he busted his butt to get into the CBP academy. He also loved his wife at the time and I did not get a chance to hang out with him after his daughter was born. He always loved his Acura NSX and always loved to joke around in good humor. You will be missed.

    Also please take this as a reminder that ANYTHING can happen with any confrontation. Please defuse it before it gets bad. You just never know.

    Maurice Gordon Gunned Down After Night Out On The TownQUEENS (CBS) ―Police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed an off-duty border patrol agent in Queens early Monday morning.

    His nickname was "Big Mo" – and with good reason.

    At over 6 feet tall and 250 pounds, Maurice Gordon was known as a gentle giant, and a proud Customs Border Protection officer.

    To his father, he was a beloved only son who is now gone, shot to death after a night on the town.

    "He is the best son on the face of the earth," said Gordon's father, Desmond Gordon. "I will miss him til I die, I will take this death to my grave."

    It was about 4:30 a.m. Monday when Gordon returned home to his parent's house. He was at a nightclub with a female cousin, when he was suddenly met with a barrage of bullets.

    Police later recovered about 25 shell casings from across the street.

    His older sister Dionne says trouble started earlier at the club when a group of men were hitting on this cousin.

    "My brother have have said something to diffuse the situation, and it may have been that they followed him home," said Dionne Gordon.

    Upon hearing the shots, the elder Gordon rushed out to the street only to find her son lying on the sidewalk, unconscious and bleeding.

    "I said 'Maurice, this is your father, are you okay?' And he didn't answer me," said Desmond Gordon.

    Custom Border Protection would not comment because of on-going investigation, except to send condolences to the Gordon family.
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    Wrong wrong wrong. To die over that bullshh. R.I.P. Gordon. Sorry for the loss of your friend TNT. A parent should never go through what his father went through. I hope the punks responsible ROT alive.


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      Sad story with a tragic ending! God speed brother!
      We ride for those who died!

      RIP SgtCHP!


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        Makes me sad when stories like these come about. Those guys should be treated like the animals they are when they get caught. Sorry for your loss NYCTNT.

        Look over your shoulder when you are going home everyone, don't be followed.
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          I am very sorry for your loss and thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

          Not sure if it's the weather or what but we had 2 shootings the last two nights.

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            Sorry to hear about your friend TNT. What precinct did this happen in?
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              RIP brother
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                I'll say this now. I stopped hanging out at nightclubs a long time ago because the places are filled with seedy and ignorant drunken morons. I can't tell you how many shootings and murders have occurred at these places here in Kansas City. More than I can count. A word of warning to other officers out there, avoid these places, there is nothing but trouble at them. There are other ways to have some fun, and other places to have a good time.
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                  I'm sorry for your loss and My deepest condolences go out to Big Mo's family.

                  GOD has a special place for the ones who walk this earth and protect GOD's other children. It is a straight path to his kingdom where Big Mo will be met by his other loved ones. He will watch over and protect us, just as he did here on earth.

                  -One Love and GOD Bless
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                    Prayers with the family and all those effected.
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                      I'm sorry for the loss of your friend TNT, my condolances to his family. My thoughts and prayers are with them tonight.


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                        RIP Officer Gordon
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                          Thanks guys.

                          I am trying to get the funeral information, but its a tough time for every, so it might be difficult to get it.
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                            Any funeral information would be greatly appreciated. I know there are officers who would like to pay thier respects to Officer Gordon and his family.
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                              Originally posted by DawgGal View Post
                              Any funeral information would be greatly appreciated. I know there are officers who would like to pay thier respects to Officer Gordon and his family.
                              J Foster Phillip Funeral: 179-24 Linden Blvd

                              Wake is on TUESDAY 6/29/10 at 4pm-8pm.
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