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  • Originally posted by Blackangel5288 View Post
    Can anyone give me some insight as to what the oral psychological is like? Mine is coming up soon

    How was your oral psych?


    • PEF Approves Contract, Layoffs Rescinded

      State worker union members have ratified a contract that will prevent nearly 3500 layoffs, although Public Employee Federation members agreed to several concessions, including a three year pay freeze. Cuomo says he's "very happy", and has rescinded the lay off notices that were to go out Friday.

      The second contract offer was ratified by a two to one ratio, a big difference from the resounding defeat of the first proposal in September. Governor Cuomo says he's "surprised and gratified" at the margin of victory.

      "This is really, really great," said Cuomo "I'm very happy".

      The governor says the "dramatically different outcome" cannot be attributed to changes in the second contract offer, which he says were "minor". He instead thinks the win was the result of a change in tone during the second round of negotiations, and he says the lesson he's learned is that it's better to work collaboratively.

      "You look at other states and other situations that have gotten combative," said Cuomo. "This shows that collaboration works."

      The governor says in the end, "cooler heads prevailed ".

      PEF union leaders, who had worked tirelessly to convince members that the contract should be approved, were also pleased and relieved.

      After the first contract was rejected in September, Cuomo's aides sent pink slips to 3500 workers. PEF Vice President Tom Comanzo says he thinks that had an effect on the more than 50,000 other union members. Even though they were not losing their jobs right now, they likely knew someone who would be terminated if they voted no on the contract.

      "We had names and faces," said Comanzo. "I think that helped make a difference."

      The contract approved by members includes a three year wage freeze, and larger contributions for health care coverage, although workers will now be able to offset the premiums by cashing in unused vacation time. Initially, Cuomo sought nine unpaid furlough days, now those days will essentially be converted to a pay lag, and union members will be reimbursed for those days at the end of the contract. Anyone who retires before then also gets the money for those days, and the salary reductions won't count against the final pension amount.

      Workers were also give greater protection against lay offs in the future, a continuing concern as the economy worsens. PEF's Comanzo says while it's not in the actual contract, a side letter signed by top Cuomo aide Howard Glaser says the union has the right to go to arbitration if any new lay offs are proposed over the next four years.

      "I feel that it would be very unlikely that they would have lay offs," said Comanzo.

      Back in June, during the first round of contract negotiations, PEF led a very vocal protest against Governor Cuomo outside the Capitol. PEF Vice President Comanzo says the union now expects to have a "very positive relationship" with Cuomo, and says his admisntration has agreed to form a joint labor management committee to examine one of the union's chief grievances, what they say is excessive state spending on outside contractors.


      • Originally posted by Cravan View Post

        How was your oral psych?
        it went ok i guess.
        Last edited by Blackangel5288; 08-10-2012, 08:23 PM.


        • Originally posted by Blackangel5288 View Post
          it went ok i guess. I filled out a sheet with 25 questions and a 10 question questionnare which consisted of questions such as upbringing, drinking, and therapy (if I had any which i never have) The 25 questions were complete the sentences such as I get angry when, It annoys me when, I wish i could change, I wish i could forget.... She said to read it aloud and she would stop me if she wanted to talk about anything i filled in. She only stopped me twice and we talked about it. Nothing big though. She didnt mention the MMPI i took. The interview was about 45 minutes. She asked about my childhood and upbringing which I feel was good. Not sure what to take of it. Gonna call my BI after 2 weeks. Should I hear something from him first?

          It sounds like your oral psych exam went well. It does not hurt to telephone your investigator to find out how things are going. If there are any issues, your investigator will more than likely contact you, but it is always good to stay on top of your investigator. Now you have to wait to see if you will be cleared by the Evaluation Board. You are almost finished with the screening process. Good luck.


          • Retirement

            Is retirement 25/55 with the courts anyone?


            • DOB: Deficit Now At Least $3B

              The Division of Budget released today a mid-year budget forecast, showing that the deficit for the coming 2012-13 fiscal year is estimated to be between $3 billion and $3.5 billion.

              The current fiscal year’s budget, meanwhile, is falling out of balance by an estimated $350 million, and he’s “expected” to call lawmakers back to Albany to deal with the shortfall.

              The state’s fiscal year runs from April 1 through March 31.

              Blame for the gap was placed on the worldwide economic stagnation, particularly in Europe.

              “Weak and unsettled economic conditions around the world — illustrated by the Eurozone financial crisis, volatility in the financial markets, and persistently disappointing data on employment, consumer confidence, and income — have darkened the State’s fiscal outlook,” the DOB said in a statement. “The significant positive receipts results early in the fiscal year have been largely eroded as the economy weakened in the summer months. With the prospect of a weak bonus season on Wall Street, even more negative pressure is being placed on the State’s receipts outlook.”

              The Division of Budget, part of the Cuomo administration had initially declined to release its mid-year budget report citing market uncertainty (it’s unclear what’s changed between this week and last week that provides more certainty to the state financial markets). The delayed report violated the quick-start budget law, passed in 2009.

              Senate Democrats had released their own budget report, showing a deficit of at least $3 billion and called for a “true” millionaires tax on high-income earners.

              Though this gap is smaller than the $10 billion hole faced by the state earlier this calendar year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will certainly be hemmed in by his opposition to taxing the rich and his promise of increasnig health care and education spending by 4 percent for the coming fiscal year.

              Cuomo had said earlier last month that the state’s fiscal picture was getting worse. The initial budget gap was estimated to be $2.4 billion.

              He is scheduled to appear on The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter at 11:30.


              • Cuomo ‘Could’ Bring Legislature Back

                Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he “could” bring the Legislature back before the end of the year in order to close a $350 million gap in the 2011-12 fiscal year spending plan.

                The governor’s Division of Budget today released its mid-year update showing the deficit for the coming 2012-13 fiscal year will be as high as $3.5 billion, up from the $2.4 billion initially projected.

                “If this trend continues, we may have to bring back the Legislature,” Cuomo told Susan Arbetter on The Capitol Pressroom.

                And the governor reiterated for the upteenth time his opposition to taxing the wealthy in order to close the deficits.

                “You know my position on taxation and that’s my position and I’m trying to deal with a hole that we have today,” Cuomo said.

                Cuomo supports letting a surcharge on those making $200,000 and more to expire at the end of the year. He also is opposed to a so-called “true” millionaires tax on those making $1 million and higher.

                The governor pinned the fiscal problems on economic volatility across the globe and noted the numbers remain very fluid considering the roller coaster nature of the markets.

                But there are still unanswered — and unasked — questions about the state’s growing budget problems.

                Will the governor keep his word on increasing spending by 4 percent in the two costliest portions of the budget, education and health care? After citing economic volatility as a reason for delaying the mid-year report last Monday, what changed in the last seven days that prompted the report’s release?


                • Skelos: We’ll Work To Close Gap

                  Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos vowed to work with the Democratic-led Assembly and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ensure the budget is “structurally balanced.”

                  In a statement released this afternoon, Skelos, R-Nassau County, said Senate Republicans will release their own analysis of the budget situation after reviewing the just-released mid-year update from Cuomo’s budget division.

                  And he pointedly recalls the most recent 2011-12 budget was approved closing a $10 billion gap without raising taxes. The budget division estimates that a gap of $3 billion to $3.5 billion is in the offering for the coming fiscal year, which begins April 1. Cuomo’s budget is due out in January.

                  His statement:

                  As always, Senate Republicans stand ready to work with the Governor and Assembly to ensure the State’s budget is structurally balanced.
                  Shortly after we complete a full review of the Budget Division’s mid-year report we will release our own estimates.

                  Senate Republicans continue to believe that it is both possible and necessary to manage next year’s budget much like we did this year, when the Legislature and Governor eliminated a much larger deficit without raising taxes.

                  Our top priority must be promoting the growth of businesses, increasing jobs, and building a stronger economy.

                  Skelos has sided with Cuomo when it comes to his largely conservative fiscal agenda, especially on the so-called millionaires tax on those making $200,000 or more, due to expire at the end of the year. Though the larger budget gap was closed last year without tax increases, Cuomo has promised to increase spending in the largest portions of the budget, health care and education, by 4 percent.

                  The state also faces a $350 million gap in the current fiscal year, prompting him to possible bring lawmakers back before the end of the year.


                  • DiNapoli Has More Bad News On Fiscal Front

                    The coming 2012-13 fiscal year deficit could take a bigger hit due to declining revenues and the rough economic terrain here in the U.S. and across the globe, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned in a report issued today.

                    While DiNapoli’s office believes any current year leak could be easily plugged, out-year gaps are expected to increase by 1.5 billion. For the coming 2012-13 fiscal year this deficit already estimated to be as high as $2.4 billion.

                    Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget office is yet to release a mid-year budget update, citing the ongoing economic violatility, particularly in the eurozone.

                    The current 2011-12 fiscal year budget reduced spending for the first time in 15 years and closed a $10 billion deficit without raising taxes. But Cuomo has locked himself into a 4 percent increase on the two most expensive areas of the budget, education and health care, for the coming fiscal year, which begins April 1.

                    And DiNapoli uses the report to note that the PIT surcharge on those making $200,000 and more is due to expire at the end of the year, further eroding the state’s revenue. Cuomo, along with Senate Republicans, oppose keeping the surcharge — a position that is coming increasingly underfire by liberal lawmakers.

                    Collections over the remainder of the year will be negatively impacted by several tax law changes, including the loss of the Personal Income Tax surcharge on high income earners and the partial restoration of the sales tax exemption on clothing items. In the last quarter of the current State fiscal year, for example, withholding collections are expected to be reduced by more than $1.0 billion because of the tax law changes. In addition, several variables, including the very volatile and uncertain euro zone debt crisis, a gridlocked domestic political environment, high unemployment, and the struggling housing market, increases the difficulty of forecasting State tax collections. Close monitoring is critical to ensure that actual results comport with projections.

                    The job outlook, meanwhile, remains muddled. The report says New York’s job gorwht has slowed, with a 2.6 percent increase in private sector jobs seen since January 2010. Government jobs have declined by 22,600 or 1.5 percent.


                    • Did the written psychological and met with my investigator back in February or March. Handed in all the required paperwork and I haven't heard anything since. Should I call my investigator and see if he knows anything or just wait to be contacted?


                      • Originally posted by Seino331 View Post
                        Did the written psychological and met with my investigator back in February or March. Handed in all the required paperwork and I haven't heard anything since. Should I call my investigator and see if he knows anything or just wait to be contacted?
                        It's always good to check up on your investigator periodically.


                        • No. As of now it is 30/55, which it has been for almost 20 years. If Tier 6 comes into play however, that's a whole 'nother ballgame. That's why I always encourage everybody to get into the pension system asap, even if it's a summer job at the beach
                          Originally posted by Cravan View Post
                          Is retirement 25/55 with the courts anyone?
                          RETIRED 9-16-10


                          • Originally posted by soon2retire View Post
                            No. As of now it is 30/55, which it has been for almost 20 years. If Tier 6 comes into play however, that's a whole 'nother ballgame. That's why I always encourage everybody to get into the pension system asap, even if it's a summer job at the beach
                            Okay, thanks.


                            • I called my investigator today and it seems like he's not really caring when he gets to my stuff. He told me to call the beginning of January. He said he hasn't even opened my mail which I sent a few months ago. I haven't had the psych yet either. Anyone for NYC take the psych yet? If so whats ur rank?


                              • NY Chief Judge ‘Disturbed’ By Report Claiming Public Barred From Family Courts

                                NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – The New York Times is reporting that a 1997 order opening family court proceedings to the public is being disregarded around much of the city.

                                The newspaper reported Friday that over one week a reporter tried to enter 40 courtrooms around the city but was allowed access to only five. During those attempts, the reporter didn’t identify himself as a journalist.

                                When the reporter did identify himself, he was required to show his credentials and get clearance from court officials.

                                In response to the report, New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippmann is directing all family court judges to comply with the law and open the courts.

                                In statement, Lippmann said he was “disturbed” by the information in the article.

                                “Fourteen years ago, we as an institution made it crystal clear that Family Court proceedings are presumptively open to the public,” Lippmann said. “We can never achieve the recognition and the resources that Family Court so greatly needs, and deserves, without the public being able to see the critical work that the Court does each and every day.”

                                Spokesman David Bookstaver told 1010 WINS Lippmann is sending a message to all family court judges to immediately correct this issue.

                                The administrative judge of the New York City Family Courts said she has ordered a review.


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