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  • Use of Pencil?

    Ok, so the weather is starting to get colder and for those of us who have to be outside in the cold we have all had the pain in the @$$ experience of our pen not working.

    So my question is; Does anyone know if it is acceptable to use pencil to take field notes.

    Obviously you can not use pencil on a report or summons, but, can you use it in your note/memo pad?

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    i read this exact question somewhere else, not sure if it was this site or another but from what i remember everybody said no you can't use a pencil. i think it was because it was a legal document that can be summoned in court or something


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      No good.

      If you have pen troubles, go to staples and spend the $20 on a SPACE PEN.

      It can write on water soaked summonses, below freezing weather and even upside down for extended periods of time.
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        they are your notes, take em however you want


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          What do you use to write your cites???

          Using a pencil is like scratching...like someone already said...a space pen.
          This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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            that is a good point, i didn't really think about that.

            I could see the hesitance in buying a 20 dollar pen though when you can very easily lose it or lend it somebody and not see it again. I know i'd go through a few.

            one cop i work with has it tied to one of those retracting strings you see on name badges that he clips to his belt which is something you could consider.


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              a cop you work with?

              What job are you on?
              Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


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                not on the job... emt
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                  He said "field notes". What constitutes a Field Note?

                  As long as it is not written on any offical document, write it however you want. If you are making a note on a Dunkin Donut wrapper, does it matter if it is in pencil?

                  I am cheap and I would not buy a $20 pen, so in cold weather, I used to keep 3 or 4 pens in an inside pocket of my jacket, or in my shirt pocket. This would keep the pens warm, I would start to write, and when the pen froze up, I went to the next pen, and placed the frozen pen back in my pocket so it would warm up, and I would repeat this until I was done.

                  I didn't need the space pen, Bics were much cheaper.

                  .....as far as the space pens go, do you know what the Cosmonauts used to write with in space?......

                  They used pencils!


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                    No pencil, fine tip sharpie works well though.


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