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Anybody here a US Park Police Officer in New York?


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    Originally posted by Chris2010 View Post
    What kind of retirement plan to USPP have, is it anything like the pension system?
    Pension is 20 yrs of service at 50 y/o or 25 yrs of service at any age. Every January you get a cost of living adjustment (COLA). You get TSP, which is the governement's 401k and matches 5%. You also get a social security supplement upon retirement.


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      Originally posted by NYPDHOPEFULLY View Post

      When you think they will start asking for college transcripts, etc...???
      Once you pass the written exam, you'll bring all of your background information/forms with you to the PEB. After you pass the PEB, you'll do a brief sitdown with your BI and he'll go through your background packet and collect all of your forms. Make copies of EVERYTHING. Things get misplaced all of the time.

      If you don't have them on hand, I'd request them from your school now. I know my school took forever to mail me notarized hard copies.


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        Well, I've returned from taking the exam in Jersey, and I must say, that exam was designed to make you fail!

        I mean what Police Officer in their right mind will use Arithmetic and Algebra on the field???

        If you are lucky enough to pass the written exam, then you will have to worry about passing the PEB.

        If you are lucky in passing the PEB, then you must hope and prey that you get selected from the ready to hire list, of course after being cleared from Psych and medical.

        They only hire 25 candidates per class, mean while there are other candidates from other states competing, you do the math.

        I'm not saying this to be nagative to anyone or make a downer, thats just how the USP officers at the exam site communicated it to us.
        "One day, I'm going to get hired by some police agency some where." God Help Me!!


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