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    I think originally they had wanted to put all of us through but that was before this giant recession. NYS is broke, and I think less people retired than what they thought. They have to give another test because as I understand it, by civil service law the last test is only good for 4 years. In the future there will be retirements and vacancies, so they want to get people cleared and ready to go. I don't think they use this test as a fundraiser like some other county tests that charge $100.00 a shot (30,000 to 50,000 people test for 300 positions).


    Not necessarily lucky, If you scored well you WILL get called for a medical. When is a different question. The better you scored the sooner you will hear. You should receive your score/list # sometime in the spring or early summer. If You scored from 115 to 90 I'd say you have an excellent chance of recruitment. A LOT of people take this test but there are two things to remember: 1) Its statewide which is a reason why so many people take the test, and in a bad economy everyone jumps at it but 2) The test is designed to make you fail. Not everyone studies, not everyone has reading comp. skills. Once you go for medical then its up to you buddy. I wouldn't ever completely count it out. IN the meantime test for everything and just try to get in. Get in shape, no tickets, no trouble, or if you can, go back to school.

    The name of the game here is patience. Everything moves slooowwwww and In the current jobless recovery (because they say the recessions over) Be grateful your young enough to have opportunities with NYS Courts or Others. You just have to hang in..it suks haha but what else can you do? I think that I have become an expert at it!


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      The only way you'll get people to retire in any real numbers is to have a real buyout, which probably won't happen until Tier 5 is in place. People will run out of the courthouse doors like they robbed the place LOL
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        There is talk of another NYC class going in Feb. or March. those taking the test now good luck and it will be a wait. The list wont be certified until July or August and then another 6-8 months to get people cleared for the academy. I took the test in 05' scored a 90 have been waiting since June of 08' totally finished with the process. its true they only had 49 recruit enter the academy and it was the smallest class. Have family members arleady officers and the same happened to them. It took 2 years to have an academy with people who took the 05' test in it. That list was certified in July of 06' and in April of 08' the first group went in. So keep fingers crossed. The hardest part is waiting so all i do is stay in shape and forget about it. Good luck to all!!!!


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          Man, that's crazy. Darwinism in practice.


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