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NYPD questions | Out of state transfer


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  • NYPD questions | Out of state transfer

    Greetings, I'm new here and have been reading around for a few days. I have a few questions that I can't find asnwers for online or within these forums. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1) Out of state cop moves to NY cause his wife landed her "dream" job. I understand he would have to do the formalities (exam, background, etc...), but would he essentially start at zero with pay and rank?

    2) Would he have to go through the academy?

    3) Is there a "buy back" plan for prior police to pay into the NYPD pension for the years one has with other departments? (what about military buy back?)

    For the record, I'm not in LE yet. I'm a network engineer in D.C. that will probably get on with a department in Cali (within the next year). My wife, who works for a foreign government, will probably quit her current job in four years and land a permanent job in NY city. Things will probably change a bit by that time; I'm just looking ahead. Thank you.
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    To answer your questions, There is no way that you are going to lateral to the NYPD. AS for lateraling to another part of the state I really don't know. Things change dramatically once you get out of the NYC metro area. But I can you this, that for NYPD, Nassau, Suffolk, West Chester etc, you will be starting from ZERO, and will be treated as such. You will also come on the same starting pay as every other rookie. As for pension buy back, thats a no as well. You will be able to buy back your military time with the NYPD, I think we offer 3 years back. As for other depts around here I'm sure they are about the same.

    The thing that you have to remember is this, this area, NYC metro down through Philly is one of the hardest places on earth to land a PD job. There are just so many people, and so few jobs, and of course everyone wants one. So in turn they don't take too kindly to laterals in these parts. PA is the only state in this area that will take you as a lateral, and its really easy there, you take a no brainer test and boom your MOPTEC certified. So if you still wanna be a cop but don't wanna start over and your wife is going to NYC you can look to a PA dept maybe, the commute from most areas of PA to NYC is about 1:20 to 1:45 depending on where your coming from.

    My advice, Stay in Cali.


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      That's pretty much what I thought. Just wanted some reenforcement. I would like to stay in Cali, we'll see where the next couple years lead me. Hopefully the wife will find a job in Cali.


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