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    Originally posted by thecongo View Post
    Whether you took the job for the pay or because its your passion, every single day you go to work not knowing whos gonna put a bullet in you. So yea, every cop deserves every single penny and then some. No matter why your took the job.


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      I find it funny that guys who are already otj can say you should have joined when it was 25k. Basically saying you are only taking the job for the money, but when nypd was hiring during the 25k class those same guys otj were belly aching about APD pushing through perps and unqualified candidates.

      Its damn if you do damn if you dont


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        Everyone wants to have pride in their "outfit", NYPD, FBI, NYSP, PAPD, NJSP. LAPD, etc, etc.

        The arbs decision to slap the Academy recuits in the face hurts all morale.
        Just like the scandals, arrests, investigations that have happened with EVERY abbreviation I have mentioned above.

        Have pride in your uniform and what you do for your paycheck.

        I have met thousands of various LE people and am happy to say that the bad eggs/lazy slobs can fit on one hand when I count them up.

        The kids that post here that are tying to get onboard with some place, any place.....IT IS A PASSION. The money AIN"T that great, the schedules AIN"T that great, the time away from your family AIN"T that great, the things you miss ARE great, the stresses ARE great.

        I know for a fact the day I turned in the gear my resting blood pressure dropped 10 points on both ends.
        "They" don't bother me a lick now.

        MOS puff up your chest under your vest and stand tall, all of you in uniform head into trouble as the public runs towards you...


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